Between the office and the pitch

Aug 5, 2019.

Scoring goals is fun. Long-term success is even more fun. Lukas Aeberli knows this all too well. The right-back loves his sport and he passionately defends his playing field. He protects his career with the same gusto. The 18-year-old sport enthusiast is completing a commercial apprenticeship at Generali Insurance in Adliswil.

"Generali allows me to be an apprentice as well as an avid competitive athlete."

Lukas is a passionate football player. He prevails on the turf, fights for every ball and is a team player. We value young people who display this kind of conviction and help them launch their careers. We also promote a passion for sport and offer a commercial sport apprenticeship. The four-year apprenticeship consists of an internship and vocational schooling in additional to four half-days per week of intense athletic training.


Team play, strength and pride – even at the office

Lukas works in the Debt Collection department, where he learning a great deal about insurance as well as new payment methods. He has appreciated the sense of togetherness at Generali from day one. Everyone is on a first-name basis with one another. Teamwork is emphasised. And another thing that is important to Lukas: “I have the opportunity to balance my education with day-to-day training, which helps me as an athlete.” However, there are situations in which the highly active athlete must demonstrate perseverance: “Sometimes I wish my work routine had a little more variety.” But once he is able to conduct independent telephone calls with customers and respond to their questions in a professional manner, he will feel only pride – almost as though he were scoring a goal.