Creative cooperation, every day

Nadia Abdelli has been a product manager in Banking & Cooperation for three years now. We asked her how she likes Generali.




"Being able to help make things happen through my work is important to me. The openness of Generali's corporate culture gives me a chance to contribute my own ideas."


How did you end up at Generali?

"I wanted to advance professionally. I could see that Generali offered an opportunity and openings to grow as a person and professionally."



What do you do at Generali?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

"My work involves building up cooperative arrangements in Life & Banking products, developing the Banking business area and sharing operational responsibility for the management of GENERA products and supporting their distribution. We also monitor the market and our competitors and come up with appropriate recommendations for action."



What do you like particularly about Generali?

"What I particularly like is the way the work you do is respected by those around you. There are also lots of interesting opportunities for development that staff can make use of."



Which of your characteristics would you describe as particularly important for your job?

"One of my everyday challenges is dealing with lots of stakeholders without losing sight of the big picture. My ability to keep various balls in the air at the same time helps me to do that; so does communicating with a particular goal in mind."



What motivates you? "I like being able to be innovative in my day-to-day work at Generali. I also find being close to the market and interacting with it exciting. My colleagues and the support we give each other in the team keep me motivated, day in and day out."



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