Fortuna Investment to become Generali Investments

Mar 30, 2021.

As of 1 April 2021, Fortuna Investment AG will operate under the name Generali Investments Schweiz AG.

Asset management represents a key pillar for the successful delivery of the Generali 2021 plan, as confirmed in January 2021 reorganization announcement with the new business unit Asset & Wealth Management, led by the CEO Carlo Trabattoni. Within this new structure, coordinating the activities of the Group asset management companies, Fortuna Investment will become Generali Investments Schweiz AG in Switzerland, effective 1 April 2021.


Leveraging on the solid expertise in managing the provident funds of Generali Switzerland, thanks to its in-depth understanding of insurance companies’ liability constraints and its effective risk management approach, Generali Investments Schweiz AG will strategically contribute to the growth of the asset management pillar within the Group.


Clear presence

Starting from April 1, 2021 all investment funds managed by Generali Investments Schweiz AG will be listed under “Generali Anlagefonds” rather than “Fortuna Anlagefonds”. For customers, nothing will change as processes and responsibilities all remain the same but they will benefit from a renewed focus and synergies with the business unit Asset & Wealth Management.


“This new name will ensure clarity in our market presence for our customers,” says David Küttel, CEO of Generali Investments Schweiz AG. “And the change of name will also underscore the fact that we are part of Generali Switzerland and the Generali Group.”


“We believe in the opportunities in the Swiss market for our distinctive multi-boutique platform. The return of our historical brand also in the investments’ sphere represents a step forward in our growth plan in the Country” says Carlo Trabattoni, CEO of Asset & Wealth Management business unit.



Within the Generali Group, Generali Investments Schweiz AG will continue providing its services as a fund management company and will be consolidated into the business unit Asset & Wealth Management, that integrates all the asset management companies of the Group, with distinctive and diversified investment capabilities. A pillar of this strategy is represented by Generali Insurance Asset Management, led by Bruno Servant, with a solid expertise in liability-driven (LDI) solutions, for Generali Group companies, third party insurance companies and pension funds mandates.