Event insurance

May 27, 2014.

The perfect celebration, insured in the best possible way.

Nightmare situations for any event organiser: At a public broadcast of the World Cup, the screen collapses onto the spectators. At an organised neighbourhood festival, the sausage stand goes up in flames. Or a thief gets into a wedding and steals everything from the cloakroom.


When this sort of thing happens, it's not long before people ask who's to blame and who, therefore, must bear the cost. Was the screen under-insured? Was the barbecue being used wrongly? Should the restaurant or the organiser of the wedding have had someone keeping an eye on the cloakroom? Or, to look at things another way: Are visitors or guests there entirely at their own risk?


Personal liability offers only limited protection.


Whatever the type of event – private, work-related or public – everyone who organises one has to think about insurance for it. After all, both a paying visitor and an invited guest can assume that the event promoter has taken adequate precautions to avoid their health and property being put at risk. If something does happen after all, organisers of events often have recourse to their personal liability insurance. But ordinary cover stops being enough as soon as people are charged to get into an event or a third party gets involved in organising it.


Just in time for the World Cup: you can now take out event insurance online


The simple and cost-effective solution is a special online event liability policy that Generali is the first insurer in Switzerland to offer. It now takes just a few clicks to conclude one for the duration of the event, up to a maximum four days. Preparatory work and clearing up afterwards are automatically covered, too. With a flexible and modular structure and a variety of optional extras, it covers every claim for compensation you could possibly think of.


Every day, you find examples of how something can go wrong with an event, no matter how carefully it was organised. And no insurer can undo the inconvenience caused. It's good, though, for organisers to know that they're covered if the worst comes to the worst. And the new online insurance comes just in time for the summer's festivities, especially, of course, for the football World Cup's public screenings, that everyone's looking forward to with so much excitement.