Generali drive-in in XX: The quick and simple solution for hail damage to cars

May 3, 2018.

Summer storms accompanied by hail – of the kind that occurred in the XX region on XX – can cause considerable damage to vehicles. Generali has responded immediately and is offering affected customers a fast and simple solution: a drive-in in XX where those insured with Generali can have the damage to their vehicles assessed and get advice on necessary repairs in less than half an hour.

  • Following the severe storm in the Thun region, Generali is opening a drive-in to provide a fast service for damaged vehicles.
  • The drive-in in XX is open daily from XX to XX.
  • Assessing the damage takes less than half an hour. Those affected will receive a repair recommendation or compensation offer.
  • The experts dealing with them will always select the best, most environmentally friendly and most cost-effective way of repairing the damage.


Generali promises that each of its insurance customers will be notified of the cost of the damage to their vehicle before leaving the drive-in. Customers can of course also opt to have the cost of the damage paid out. In this case they will receive a compensation offer, and the payment instructions will be issued immediately at the drive-in.


Drive-in appointment: register online in just a few minutes


Affected customers are requested to register for a drive-in appointment in advance. Customers can arrange a date and time for an appointment quickly and easily on the Generali website at or by calling 0800 002 022. They will receive immediate confirmation by e-mail along with directions to the drive-in.


It is important to arrange a drive-in appointment in advance. This ensures that customers can be seen promptly and without any problems. Generali offers customers snacks and refreshments while the damage to their car is being assessed.