Generali Switzerland is seeking “Heroes against loneliness”

Mar 20, 2020.
In the fight against the coronavirus, people over 65 and those with a weak immune system are in particular required to self-isolate and stay at home as much as possible. Generali Switzerland has joined with LunchLottery GmbH in launching a new platform – “Heroes against loneliness” – to bring some human contact to those isolated during the pandemic. Anyone and everyone is free to participate.

The effects of the coronavirus pandemic are being felt by all of us. Home office, social distancing and intensive hygiene measures have become part of our everyday life. People over 65 and those with a weak immune system are particularly at risk. The only thing we as a society can do for them is to keep our distance to minimise the chance of infection. This is paradoxical, because our greatest resource in times of crisis and illness is human closeness.


Is loneliness the price for our health? It doesn’t have to be if we take the right action – which is what Generali Switzerland and LunchLottery, a company specialised in chance encounters and therefore able to provide the necessary technical infrastructure, are trying to do through the “Heroes against loneliness” initiative. Mike Fuhrmann, Chief Marketing, Communications & Customer Officer of Generali Switzerland, says: “Not being allowed to see your grandchildren or have an evening out at your favourite restaurant can quickly get a person down. That is why we are launching the initiative ‘Heroes against loneliness’.


It is intended to benefit people who are isolated or lonely as a consequence of the measures being taken to fight the coronavirus. The idea here is that, although we must physically distance ourselves from one another, we can still all rally together.” It’s very easy to participate. “Anyone who feels the need to talk to someone can register via the platform,” explains Sunnie Groeneveld, co-founder of LunchLottery GmbH. A contact person including their phone number is then randomly assigned. You get in touch by phone, chat and share information. A new contact is assigned by e-mail every three days.”


Special times require special efforts. Associations, SMEs, corporations and NGOs are welcome to register online as supporting partners of the “Heroes against loneliness” initiative. Supporting partners will receive an information packet to aid them in motivating their members and employees to also join the team of “Heroes against loneliness”.


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