Generali Group Switzerland is launching its digital customer portal

Oct 17, 2017.
  • Generali Group Switzerland launched its digital customer portal. This measure is intended to help with the ongoing modernisation of the Group’s business model, which focuses heavily on innovation and digitisation.
  • The digital portal gives Generali Switzerland customers access to an overview of the Group’s products at any time and the ability to look up further information via the Generali website or via the app on all mobile devices.
  • The new customer portal is designed around the needs of the customers. In order to fully meet their expectations, all customers are invited to provide feedback. Generali uses this feedback to continuously develop the customer portal and improve it according to the customers’ requirements.

Every customer gets a personal, digital profile on Generali Switzerland’s digital customer portal. They can log in via the Generali website or via the "MyGenerali" app.


The portal gives the customer an overview of their policies and the ability to see more information – for example, the progress of a pending claim for damages. They can also obtain information about upcoming payments and those already paid. The customer can also find out about new products and calculate their premiums and save their offers. For example, insurance for an event can be easily completed using the "MyGenerali" app.


"The digitisation of the customer portal contributes to the ongoing modernisation of our business model," says Andreas Krümmel, CEO of the Generali Group Switzerland. "On the other hand, we want to offer our customers an innovative and forward-looking service."


In order to meet customer expectations, users of "MyGenerali" are invited to provide Generali with feedback on the new platform. Generali will use this feedback to continuously further develop its customer portal and to also improve it in line with customer requirements.