The Swiss are heading to Italy this summer

Jul 19, 2021.

The Covid-19 pandemic has made it harder to travel, but most Swiss people are planning to head off on holiday once again this summer. The majority of them are going abroad: their dream destination is Italy and, despite the pandemic, their holiday budget has barely changed, according to a survey by Generali Switzerland.

Emptying your mind, switching off, taking a deep breath. Rest and relaxation, or leaving everyday life behind. A survey carried out by Generali Switzerland has shown that these are the main reasons why people are heading off on summer holidays in 2021. And lots of people want to.


Travelling to other countries in Europe by car

Two-thirds (65 per cent) of respondents state that they are going away this summer, but around a fifth (19 per cent) are planning to stay at home, within their own four walls. The bulk of travellers are making the most of the fact that restrictions have been lifted and are heading off abroad (71 per cent); 42 per cent say they are looking to spend their holidays in Switzerland. When it comes to their preferred mode of transport this summer, Swiss travellers are mostly opting for their own car (55 per cent), followed by planes (36 per cent) and public transport (27 per cent).


Bella Italia

People looking to spend their holidays abroad are mainly setting their sights on the countries bordering Switzerland. Italy is the destination mentioned most frequently, at 40 per cent, with France (18 per cent) and Spain (14 per cent) trailing behind. “Italy remains the dream destination for the Swiss, and the pandemic has not changed that,” says Borislawa Graschew, Head of Customer Experience and Market Research.

Long-haul destinations are not in vogue, likely due to the pandemic and the rather time-consuming formalities travellers face at airports. Just 2 per cent of respondents are planning a trip to the US and a mere 1 per cent of respondents list Thailand as a travel destination. In fact, there is a de facto travel ban for the US at present.


Evergreen Ticino

People spending their summers in Switzerland are heading for the Italian-speaking parts of the country. Just shy of a third (31 per cent) of respondents name holiday stalwart Ticino as their destination, followed by eastern Switzerland (27 per cent) and the Lake Geneva region (22 per cent).


No change to holiday budgets

Over the 18 months of the pandemic, a number of holidays have fallen through, or people simply haven’t planned to go away at all. Two-thirds of respondents admit to travelling less often, compared to before the pandemic, while around 30 per cent have treated themselves to a trip away just as frequently as before. People’s holiday budgets have barely changed, according to the survey: two-thirds of respondents say they are working with the same budget for their summer holidays as before the pandemic. A quarter are planning to spend less and just 9 per cent are looking at a bigger budget. “It seems that the Swiss are keen to start travelling again,” says Graschew, “although two-thirds of respondents assume that Covid-19 measures will place limitations on their summer holidays.”


More deliberate, but at shorter notice

Ultimately, the pandemic has changed how people plan their holidays. The statement “I choose the destination more deliberately” was chosen the most frequently, with 38 per cent of respondents selecting this. In addition, travellers are booking holidays at shorter notice (36 per cent) and scrutinising cancellation policies more closely (35 per cent).


The survey, which is representative of the population as a whole, was carried out on behalf of Generali Switzerland between 30 June and 7 July 2021. 435 people took part.