SMA Kids: Song première "Narbe"

Oct 6, 2020.

As part of Generali Switzerland's programme promoting music skills and in collaboration with the Swiss Music Awards, young talents teamed up with Bligg to record a song entitled "Narbe". The youngsters were also encouraged to shoot their own music video. The children took to the director's chair at the Zurich Film Festival and its "ZFF for Kids" section. The work was premièred at the ZFF Award Night. Proceeds from the song will go towards a foundation that supports socially disadvantaged families in Switzerland.

Generali Switzerland, Bligg and the Swiss Music Awards (SMA) joined forces this August to launch an unusual project: "SMA Kids by Generali", a programme promoting music skills. Girls and boys aged six to twelve were given the chance to try out all kinds of musical ideas at a series of workshops throughout Switzerland. Together with Bligg, the kids recorded the song "Narbe" (meaning 'scar'), which the artist wrote specially for the programme.


"Hang on in there. Don't let anyone get you down" – a song with a message

"Narbe" is not just a catchy tune. The song also has an important message. "Our aim was to write an upbeat song, and one that sounds authentic. It tells of how rocky the road to success can be," says Bligg. The Swiss musician is talking from experience. "It's all about having to work hard if you want to achieve something. And about having to bounce back no matter how many times you stumble. When you fall, it leaves a scar. That's where the title comes from," Bligg explains. He then adds that "it's better to have a scar with a story behind it than some kind of consolation."


Kids take to the mike and the director's chair

Before "Narbe" could be premièred, the kids set to work shooting the accompanying video clip. Here too, the focus was on encouraging young talent. The children produced the video at special film workshops run as part of the "ZFF for Kids" section. And they did it all using their own smartphones. The youngsters took on the roles of director, sound technician and actor. They learned the basics of film-making and helped shoot a professional music video.


Tomorrow's artists do good today

The song and music video were premièred on 3 October 2020 at the Zurich Film Festival Award Night. "Narbe" is available at and on all the usual download and streaming platforms from this week. All of the proceeds from the song will go to The Human Safety Net Switzerland Foundation. This organisation powered by Generali Switzerland invests in projects that promote early childhood development. In other words, through their music, the kids will be helping other kids. A valuable contribution, as Schirin Razavi, Chair of The Human Safety Net Switzerland Foundation, emphasises: "Here in Switzerland, we support socially disadvantaged families with children. The first six years of a child's life are crucial. It’s the period that sets the stage for all their future growth. That's why early childhood development is so important to us. And we see music as an essential part of that."


Experience the song up close – at the WOW Museum

The WOW Museum in Zurich, which opened its doors to rooms full of illusions in mid-2020, is also supporting the programme to promote music skills. "We want to inspire people to donate to this fabulous kids' project through our innovative, interactive installation about the new song," states Vanessa Kammermann, the museum's director. A uniquely special illusion will turn visitors of all ages into musicians and lighting artists. They can make the "Narbe" song come alive on their smartphones with the help of a QR code and create their own personal light show in the maze of mirrors. The WOW Museum is launching the new illusion on 8 October 2020.


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