Statutory accident insurance: new salary threshold from 1 January 2016

Nov 5, 2015. Posted in Diverses

From the start of next year, a new upper limit will apply to insured salaries for statutory accident insurance (UVG). The limit is going up from CHF 126,000.– to CHF 148,200.–. This adjustment is valid for accident, unemployment and disability insurance. Find out below what will change for you.

From 1 January 2016, the upper limit of the insured salary for accident insurance will be CHF 148,200.–. The key facts in brief:


Who will be affected by this change?

The new upper salary limit will apply to all employees and self-employed persons with voluntary insurance who earn more than CHF 126,000.– per year.


What does that mean?

The upper salary limit is the maximum gross income that may be covered under statutory accident insurance. The current upper limit is CHF 126,000.–, and in future it will be CHF 148,200.–. If you have an accident, your accident insurer will continue to pay you your full salary up to this amount. If you earn more, you will not be paid more than the upper limit.


The maximum amount is used to determine all social insurance contributions – including unemployment insurance contributions and benefits and daily disability insurance allowances.


Why is the salary limit being increased?

The Federal Council determines the maximum salary for accident insurance. It adjusts this upper limit to salary trends after given periods of time. The aim is to insure at least 92% of Swiss employees are insured against accidents for the full amount of their salaries. The last adjustment took place eight years ago.


What will the rules be from 1 January 2016?

Accident insurance benefits depend on your annual income.

You earn...

  • up to CHF 148,200.–: Your annual salary corresponds to the insured upper limit. You are 100% covered.
  • more than CHF 148,200.–: Your annual salary is above the insured upper limit. Your payment will be CHF 22,200.– more than before.


Additionally, you will receive higher benefits from your unemployment and disability insurance.


What adjustments will be made to my supplementary accident insurance?

Have you taken out supplementary insurance in order to cover the difference between your insured salary and your current salary in the event of an accident? We recommend that you check the amount of your insurance coverage and adjust it to the new insured upper limit.


How will my premiums change?

Your current premium rate for the calculation of social insurance contributions will continue to apply. If you earn...

  • between CHF 126,000.– and CHF 148,200.–, the premium rate will be applied to your annual income.
  • more than CHF 148,200.–, the upper limit will be used for the calculation of your current premiums.


Any questions?

The adjustments to the maximum salary for compulsory accident insurance have been published by the Swiss Federal Office for Public Health SFOPH (Link in German, French and Italian). If you have any questions about the topic, especially about the impact on ALLEGRA accident insurance, please do not hesitate to call us on 0800 881 882 30 or e-mail us via