Strong performance: Generali fund manager wins award

Jul 8, 2016. Posted in Diverses

In its current issue, SPHERE magazine presents its pick of the eleven best Swiss asset managers. In centre field: the creative "midfielder" Marc Engel, manager of the Fortuna Multi Index 30 fund.

Train. Score. Fair Play. The motto of the Swiss national football team is also that of the country's fund managers presented by SPHERE. The magazine has put together its own national team of fund managers, selected primarily on the basis of the quality of their results over the past three years.


Prize-winning midfielder: Marc Engel, multi-asset manager

The magazine fielded its Asset Management Team in the traditional line-up. One of the players is "midfielder" Marc Engel. The role calls for more than just creativity. The midfield is where major decisions are taken between defence and attack. Marc Engel has been managing the Fortuna Multi Index 30 since January 2014. His success is shown by its performance. Over a three-year period, the fund's assets under management, amounting to CHF 17 million, increased by 10.18 per cent.

As with national trainer Vladimir Petkovic and his team, selection is based on complementarity and the balance between the lines. In fund management terms, the positions on the field correspond to different management styles – from defensive to aggressive.


By the way, "positive thinking" and "the famous mix" were no less important in deciding on the line-up – just how Lucien Favre would want it.


Read more in SPHERE Magazine (in German).