Experience Lukas Graham close up in Zurich on 26 February

Feb 15, 2016. Posted in Sponsoring

Be part of an unforgettable concert and win 10x2 tickets for the Energy Live Session with Lukas Graham at Zurich's Plaza on 26 February.

The Lukas Graham band and its “Ghetto-Pop” style of music are currently the hottest export from Denmark. When their front man Lukas Graham Forchhammer jumps on stage in his white T-shirt, cap and baggy pants, he captivates his audience. In that regard, it must be said that the 28-year-old has incredible energy and a brilliant voice. Four years ago, the band gained international fame with the catchy song “Drunk in the morning”. Now they enthral us with “7 Years” – a poetic gem about life, family and friendship.


Would you like to experience Lukas Graham close up? From today you can win 10x2 tickets for their unique live performance. To enter this one-off prize draw, complete the online form by 22 February. The lucky winners will be informed by e-mail. Good luck!


Promoting culture in Switzerland

We have been supporting the Energy and LFM Live Sessions since 2012, thus contributing to the promotion of culture in our country. These exclusive musical events allow our customers, partners and employees to experience their favourite performers in a distinctive setting.