Quick help with hail damage

May 9, 2016. Posted in Services

Until around mid-May, the weather remains unpredictable, with the occasional hail storm not unheard of. Find out here how you can protect your car from storm damage and what you should do if you do need some repairs.

Protected from wind and weather

Hail storms often occur quite suddenly. By the time you notice, it's often too late to move your car to safety. It is therefore a good idea to always keep an eye on the weather forecast and play it safe by parking your car inside the garage. Thick blankets or specialist protective covers can help prevent hail from denting the body of your car.


First aid online

If your car has suffered hail damage, the first thing you should do is prevent any further, subsequent damage by, for example, sealing any cracks in your windscreen to stop water from leaking in. Then, give us a call immediately. You should report the damage online at generali.ch/hail or by calling our hail hotline on 0800 82 84 86.


On-site advice

After a heavy hail storm, Generali will set up convenient drive-ins that offer customers with comprehensive or partial accidental damage insurance a unique, free service. Experts will assess the damage within 30 minutes and help you with the next steps or take care of minor repairs on site. If the damage can't be fixed at the drive-in, we will lend you a replacement car while your car is in our partner garage. If you prefer, we will pay you the cost of the damage right at the drive-in instead of making the repairs.


We hope you stay safe and sound throughout this stormy season.