Legal protection – wherever you happen to be

Apr 25, 2016. Posted in Produkte

Whether at work, on the road or when travelling, comprehensive legal protection gives you greater peace of mind and saves you money. Find out why you're always on the safe side, whatever the situation, with new FORTUNA Top legal protection insurance. What makes it special? Cover becomes effective as soon as the contract is signed and is more comprehensive than any other in Switzerland.

Accidents can happen quickly – particularly when on the road. When they do, you, as the keeper or driver of a public or private vehicle, or as a passenger in one, are well protected with FORTUNA Top motorists' legal protection insurance. We represent your interests and secure your rights.


Legal advice doesn't have to be expensive if you are a tenant, employee or Internet user either. If, for example, your landlord raises your rent without justification or presents you with an erroneous bill for incidental costs, we'll defend your rights as a tenant.


The idea is that legal assistance should be quick and reliable. That's why there's no waiting time with the new FORTUNA Top legal protection insurance. Wherever you happen to be, you are comprehensively insured against legal and financial risks such as lawyers' fees, court costs and the costs of expert opinions and procedures. In Switzerland, your cover even extends to a maximum of CHF 1 million.


Take a look at the benefits overview to see in which situations you benefit from legal protection. You can conclude the "personal legal protection" and "motorists' legal protection" options separately.


Did you know: FORTUNA Basic legal protection insurance offers you minimal basic cover in selected branches of law in Switzerland.