Minimize the impact of theft during your Easter holidays

Mar 19, 2018. Posted in Produkte

The Easter holidays are here. Time to escape the daily grind and relax. But then the shock: your mobile phone and valuables are gone. Stolen! Do you know what to do when you become the victim of theft? Here are some tips on how to protect yourself from theft and how to avoid further problems if you do fall victim to it.

Here are a few tips on how to protect your laptop, camera and expensive jewellery before and during your holidays. Find out what to do immediately after a theft to limit the damage caused.


Before leaving:

  • Write down the emergency numbers of your bank and insurer, the phone number of your local embassy, and the claims hotline for your household contents insurance.
  • Note down the serial numbers of your laptop and camera, as well as the IMEI number of your mobile phone, and register them on a free online platform.
  • Take photos of your valuables. This will help you identify them later.
  • Install localization apps on your mobile phone (Find my iPhone, Android Device Manager).
  • Take copies of all your identity documents and travel papers and keep them in a safe place.


On holiday:

  • Use the hotel safe to store cash, jewellery and electronics. Remember to change the code.
  • Be particularly aware of your surroundings when visiting tourist spots, as they are a popular hunting ground for pickpockets.


If something was stolen:

  • Make a list of all missing valuables and identity documents. If someone broke into your hotel room, photos are helpful in proving damage.
  • Immediately report the theft to the local police and your insurer.
  • Bank and credit cards: Have your cards blocked as soon possible by calling the emergency hotline. Your bank will only be liable for any damage after you have reported the theft. Write down the name of the person you speak to, in case you later need to refer back to them in the event of doubts.
  • Replacement of your identity document: To request a new identity document, you first have to report the old one lost or stolen. Replacements for your identity documents can be requested from your local embassy. The staff there will also help you with any other problems you may have as the result of the theft of your documents.


Generali's household contents insurance covers your property, even while you're away. Make sure you check before going on holiday how your valuables are covered while you're abroad. Important: As a policyholder you have a duty to minimize damages. So prevention is doubly important.