When moving day nears: how to relax and move home without stress

Mar 19, 2018. Posted in Produkte

The next official moving day – 1 April – is drawing closer. And there's lots to do by then. Proper preparation helps to avoid chaos and lose sight of things.

Moving to a new environment is a major challenge. Here are some tips on how not to lose your bearings:

  • Handover record: Draw up a written record of any major damage or defects. Photograph the flat or house in the state in which it is to be handed over. Talk to the previous tenant about hidden defects. Make a note of meter readings.
  • Planning your move: Make an early start and organise a vehicle and people to help with the move. Make sure you have enough crates, packaging materials, packing blankets, refuse sacks, tools and fleeces to cover easily-damaged flooring.
  • Packing: You'll make things easier for the people helping you if you label your crates with what's in them and the room they are meant to go in. Make sure that the crates weigh less than 15 kg.
  • Registering and deregistering: You will have to register your new address and deregister your old one at the residents' registration office  Notify all the important authorities of your new address before you move. You also need to notify all the other institutions (bank, post office, your employer, insurers, your health insurer, etc.)
  • "Emergency suitcase": Pack the really important stuff that you'll need in the first few days into a suitcase or bag. That way, you'll be equipped if the crates turn up late. The sort of things you need to put in it are bed linen, clothes, important documents, toiletries and medicines.
  • Leave from work: Ask your employer if you're entitled to special leave for moving house.


Also worth bearing in mind: If you buy new furniture, the value of your household contents will generally go up. When you move in, check whether the amount you're insured for still corresponds to the current value of your belongings. PRISMA Flex household contents insurance protects you well against the financial fallout from theft and damage from fire or water.