Our brand


Our logo

Our logo was created in 2014 and together with the Lion of St. Mark stands for strong values. It embodies strength and protection.


The Lion of St. Mark stands as a statue on Piazza San Marco in Venice – the birthplace of “Assicurazioni Generali”.


Our brand identity


Our lion logo, red colour combination, timeless fonts and images and our brand language all characterise our identity. These characteristics are the basis for our communication. They ensure a consistent brand experience and create trust in the Generali brand – both externally and internally.


When choosing insurance coverage, customers are often expected to have a perfect plan for the future. But in life, things don't always go according to plan. Generali protects people who are different, who make mistakes and whose lives are not perfect. Generali understands reality and therefore insures “real life”.


In our campaign we address common misconceptions and disprove them with statistical facts and figures.



Examples and impressions



Commitments and partnerships






SMA Kids by Generali 2020




Zurich Film Festival (ZFF)




Zurich Film Festival for Kids (ZFF for Kids)








Brand ambassador Tadesse Abraham




The Human Safety Net Refugee Team