Insurance entails responsibility

We take responsibility: for people, for the environment and for our future. Climate change and demographic changes present society with challenges. As insurers, we support people in difficult life situations and protect what is important to them.

Our ambition

The future affects us all. Climate change, migration, social upheaval, dwindling resources – our society is facing major challenges. Right here, right now. Tomorrow’s issues require us to identify innovative solutions today that will have a sustainable impact.


Why we are committed?

The future affects us all:

  • Shaping change: Change affects everyone – from climate to migration.
  • Finding solutions: Innovation makes progress possible – today, tomorrow and the day after that.
  • Embodying values: People, the environment and shared values are the foundation – for everything.


What’s important to us?

We promote and support people comprehensively:

  • Globally and locally: Via The Human Safety Net, we help disadvantaged people around the world improve their lives.
  • In an innovative and sustainable manner: Our solutions encourage people to act in an environmentally conscious and responsible manner.
  • Actively and with commitment: Our environment inspires employees to assume responsibility, develop independently and help shape a sustainable future.


How do we embody sustainability?

We assume responsibility in a holistic manner:

  • As a company: We focus on sustainable, creative and ethical solutions.
  • Towards society: We support people in their development and their commitment to a better future.
  • For the environment: We are committed to climate protection and the careful use of energy and resources.