Responsibility for the environment

Climate change affects us all. Together with our employees, customers and partners, we contribute to sustainable solutions. We cultivate a conscious use of resources, focus on renewable energies and are committed to protecting the environment and emission reduction measures.

Environmental management

Generali Switzerland is committed to adhering to, implementing and advancing internationally applicable policies for the Environment and Climate. The first measures have already been implemented in this respect:

  • Since 2005, Generali Switzerland in Adliswil and the Canton of Zurich’s AWEL (Office for Waste, Water, Energy and Air) have had a target agreement for large-scale consumers to increase our energy efficiency. As a result of this agreement, we have been able to increase the energy efficiency of our headquarters in Adliswil by over 65% between 2005 and the end of 2020. As a result of the pandemic and the requirement to work from home, we took a significant step towards increased energy efficiency in 2020.
  • Since 2018, Generali Switzerland has covered 100% of its electricity requirements at the Adliswil and Nyon sites with renewable energy (hydropower).
  • In 2018 Generali Switzerland introduced Skype for Business. Innovative communication technologies are an integral part of the planned company-wide mobility management. Among other things, this should reduce the number of environmentally harmful business trips.
  • Generali Switzerland is offsetting the CO2 emissions from its air and motor fleet journeys, and investing in ClimatePartner's «Social Impact Nationwide India» project. We have offset 696,526 kg of CO2 since 2019.


Commitments to climate protection

Climate change stops for no-one and reports of heavy rainfall and extreme weather conditions are becoming ever more frequent. The climate challenges are too great to tackle in isolation. At Generali, we are therefore in dialogue with other organisations, companies and our employees in order to identify sustainable solutions together.

  • Our new exclusion guidelines for the coal industry have been in force since November 2018. They state that we no longer insure new coal-fired power plants or coal mines. In addition, we no longer offer insurance for new customers who generate more than 30% of their energy production or sales through coal.
  • Before the pandemic we offset 63,180 kg of CO2 emissions within three weeks as part of the “We Act Challenge”. This corresponds to the production of 9.47 million A4 sheets of paper. Some 154 employees took part in the campaign,
  • In 2019, 75 employees took part in the “bike to work” campaign and cycled a remarkable 18,394 km together – 13 times the distance to the Generali Group‘s headquarters in Trieste and back again, with around 2,500 kg of CO2 saved in the process.