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Motor fleet insurance


Whether you need to cover small cars or construction cranes – or something in between – comprehensively insuring your company’s fleet and its drivers is easy with Generali. The motor fleet insurance package includes together third-party liability, accidental damage and accident insurance at an attractive combined price. This package can be flexibly tailored to your needs, to ensure the best-possible protection for your four (or more)-wheeled assets.

Generali fleet insurance

Personal service and customised solutions

A single insurance product for multiple vehicles – offering comprehensive protection and many benefits: our fleet insurance package gives you your mandatory liability insurance for your entire fleet at a cost-effective combined price. And because sometimes the basic cover is not enough, you can take out attractive additional forms of cover if you wish.


What is insured?

Your fleet insurance can consist of three types of insurance:


  • Third-party liability insurance
    This insures against damage caused to third parties. For instance, you are covered if someone is injured or killed, or if property is damaged by one of your company vehicles.
  • Accidental damage insurance
    Partial accidental damage insurance:
    Insures against damage caused by theft, fire, natural events, rodents, glass breakage or vandalism, etc.
    Comprehensive accidental damage insurance: As for partial accidental damage insurance, plus cover for collision damage and damage due to torsion of your own vehicle. If you wish, you can also take out parked vehicle damage insurance.
  • Accident insurance
    Drivers and passengers are insured when using your insured company vehicles. You are covered in the event of death or temporary or permanent disability resulting from an accident involving the insured vehicle.


What supplementary cover can you take out?

  • Fleet assistance
    Fleet assistance provides passengers with medical care. You also receive technical roadside assistance for vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes (passenger cars, motorcycles, delivery vans, caravans, light mobile homes or trailers with an unladen weight of up to 350 kg). Fleet assistance is unlimited in Switzerland and lasts for a maximum of 90 days abroad.
  • Gross negligence
    With this extra, Generali waives the right of recourse in the event of gross negligence – i.e. for events caused by gross negligence on the part of the insured driver.
  • Special risks
    You can also insure against the following risks: damage to personal and company effects, cross liability, transport of dangerous goods and hire of a replacement vehicle.

How you benefit

  • Rapid service thanks to our partnership with a glass breakage specialist and Europ Assistance
  • Occupational hazard automatically covered
  • Suspension of vehicle: you will get back the entire accidental damage insurance premium
  • Free entitlement to surplus participation for fleets of ten or more vehicles: you will get money back if your claims ratio is low
  • Multiple premium payers possible: you can spread premium payments, e.g. with your subsidiaries
  • No premium tiers: our premiums are simple and transparent, without a tiered system

How motor fleet insurance works


Practical example

The company “On the road” has three subsidiaries in Zurich, Lugano and Geneva, with 15 vehicles in all. Each vehicle is individually insured, as the company has grown very rapidly. In order to simplify accounting and bookkeeping, the company wants a comprehensive insurance policy that covers all vehicles and allows for premium invoicing per subsidiary. With motor fleet insurance from Generali, all vehicles are combined in a single contract. The subsidiaries are invoiced for their shares of the premium and receive a definitive statement based on with the status of the fleet.


No, motor fleet insurance is not compulsory. However, it is a more cost-effective and administratively straightforward insurance solution for companies than having separate policies for each vehicle. All vehicles are combined and invoiced in a single contract.

Motor fleet insurance can be taken out for five or more vehicles.

The insurance covers drivers, vehicle holders and passengers.

The level of the premium depends on what cover you choose. Other criteria also affect it, such as:

  • Number of vehicles
  • Claims history for the last three years
  • The company’s (policyholder’s) activities
  • Description of vehicles (type, performance, value)

The best way to find out is to request a non-binding offer.

All insurance products (third-party liability, accidental damage, passenger protection and fleet assistance) are valid in the following countries: Switzerland, all EU/EEA countries and Andorra. You will need a Green Card for trips to countries within Europe that are not EU/EEA members. This can be obtained from Generali.

Additional options

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