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Thanks to its modular structure, you can insure your company customised in every area that really affects your daily business. As the name suggests, the BASIC corporate legal protection insurance provides reliable basic cover for every kind of business and can be combined flexibly with up to six modules.

Fortuna Corporate legal protection insurance basic


Modular legal protection for your company

Corporate legal protection insurance BASIC helps protect you from the impact of disputes in core areas of law affecting your business. It can be combined flexibly with several other modules, depending on your needs.


Basic module: basic insurance covering the major risks you might face

  • Reliable basic cover for every kind of business
  • Worldwide protection
  • For disputes involving compensation awards, criminal prosecutions, employment, tenancy and insurance law
  • Up to CHF 1,000,000 per legal case for lawyers’ and court fees, expert opinions and other costs of proceedings


Additional modules: What other modules are available under legal protection insurance?

We offer a range of modules that can be added to Corporate legal protection insurance BASIC as optional extras. You are free to choose whichever modules your company most needs to extend its basic cover. The following insurance modules are available:

How you benefit

  • Attractive basic cover that can be extended by adding your own choice of modules to exactly match your company’s needs
  • Up to CHF 1,000,000 per legal case for lawyers’ and court fees, expert opinions and other costs of proceedings
  • Worldwide protection
  • No deductible, no minimum amount in dispute
  • Fast, competent help from experienced legal experts and lawyers

How corporate legal protection insurance BASIC works


Real-life examples

Civil damages law
Drone Ltd. produces drone components. When new power cables are being laid in front of the building, a digger damages the power cables and causes a short circuit. As a result, production is interrupted for several weeks. Fortuna asserts claims for damages against the building company for the interruption costs.


Criminal law

Fire breaks out in the workshop of Construction GmbH during welding. Although the fire service manages to put the fire out quickly, Construction GmbH receives a summary penalty order due to its negligence in causing the fire. Fortuna successfully defends the company’s interests.


Victim support law

The cashier at Security AG becomes the victim of a hold-up. Fortuna helps the company’s cashier to assert his claims.


Employment law

An employee of Salary Plc has been handed her notice. After leaving the company, she asserts claims for overtime she worked. Thanks to the intervention of Fortuna, her claims are successfully dismissed.


Tenancy and lease law
Wedding Ltd sells wedding dresses. Thanks to the advantageous location, the business is going very well. Without prior warning, the landlord terminates the rental contract, claiming that the premises have to be completely renovated. Fortuna successfully enforces Wedding Ltd’s rights so that it can remain in the attractive location.


Insurance law

Blue AG’s commercial liability insurance refuses to pay out benefits. Fortuna steps in and proves that the commercial liability insurance has an obligation to pay.


The insurance covers legal cases that are caused by an event occurring during the term of the insurance contract and reported to Fortuna within this time period. A waiting period of 60 days from the start of the contract applies. The waiting period does not apply in the case of civil damages law, criminal law, victim support law, insurance law or if the same risk was insured by a previous insurer and if the insurance transition occurs without interruption. When the contract comes to an end, the insurance is renewed automatically for one year at a time unless cancelled one month beforehand.

Corporate legal protection insurance BASIC has a maximum insured amount per legal case of CHF 1,000,000 in Switzerland and, if specified, CHF 500,000 in the rest of the world.

Depending on the module and insured risk, cover applies in Switzerland and the rest of the world.

Your company and the operating activities of the co-insured companies and subsidiaries listed in your policy.

The premium depends on your company’s business activities, revenue, payroll and number of the employees.

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