Internet legal protection insurance


The internet legal protection module protects companies against breaches of privacy (cyberbullying) and credit card and identity theft (cybercrime), wherever in the world these happen. This module can only be taken out as an optional extra to the corporate legal protection insurance BASIC.

Fortuna internet legal protection insurance


Internet legal protection insurance covers your online activities

This form of legal protection is suitable for any company that is largely reliant on the Internet in its day-to-day operations. Internet legal protection covers your online activities, ensuring that a wrong click in the wrong place doesn’t have far-reaching consequences.


What is insured?

  • Disputes involving the internet: breaches of privacy (cyberbullying), credit card and identity theft (cybercrime), and disputes over domain names

How you benefit

  • Worldwide cover
  • No deductible, no minimum amount in dispute
  • Fast, competent help from experienced legal experts and lawyers

How internet legal protection insurance works


Real-life examples

Personality rights
A user has published content about Online Advertising Ltd constituting an infringement of personality rights on a social media platform. Despite a request to remove this content, it has not been deleted. Only thanks to Fortuna’s intervention did the user remove the content on the social media platform.

Misuse of credit cards
An employee of Office Ltd orders office material online and fails to see that it is a fake website. The credit card data he enters is duplicated via cloning and used by the fraudsters for their own transactions. Thanks to Fortuna’s intervention, the bank eventually credits back to Office Ltd the full amount stolen.

Identity misuse
Bank Ltd’s website was hacked via a phishing mail to a Bank Ltd employee, and political and racist statements were added. Fortuna has asserted claims for damages against the originator.

Internet domain
An online toy seller opens a website under the same name as Model Airplane Ltd. Thanks to Fortuna’s intervention, the toy seller has to change the name of its website.


The insurance covers legal cases that are caused by an event occurring during the term of the insurance contract and reported to Fortuna within this time period. A waiting period of 60 days from the start of the contract applies. The waiting period does not apply if the same risk was insured by a previous insurer and if the insurance transition occurs without interruption. When the contract comes to an end, the insurance is renewed automatically for one year at a time unless cancelled one month beforehand.

Internet legal protection insurance has a maximum insured amount of CHF 100,000 per legal case in Switzerland and, if specified, CHF 50,000 in the rest of the world.

Depending on the module and insured risk, coverage applies in Switzerland and the rest of the world.

Your company and the operating activities of the co-insured companies and subsidiaries listed in your policy.

The premium depends on your company’s business activities, revenue, payroll and number of the employees.

Additional MODULES

We offer a range of modules that can be added to corporate legal protection insurance BASIC as optional extras. You are free to choose whichever modules your company most needs to extend its basic cover. In addition to internet legal protection, the following insurance modules are available:

Supplements your basic insurance by providing extensive worldwide cover in contract disputes. For all companies wishing to protect themselves against the legal and financial risks that may arise in disputes with customers and suppliers.

For companies that use vehicles commercially and wish to insure themselves against disputes involving vehicles and road traffic incidents anywhere in the world. Cover of up to CHF 1,000,000 per legal case for lawyers’ and court fees, expert opinions and other costs of proceedings.

For the owners and landlords of commercial premises who want to protect themselves against disputes involving properties, public planning laws and neighbours rights, or disputes with tenants as a landlord.

For companies that don’t want to handle debt collection themselves and would like to insure the collection of receivables. 15 credit assessments are included.

For companies wishing to obtain comprehensive, first-hand advice from a lawyer as their personal point-of-contact in all legal matters, regardless of what cover they hold.

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