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Say goodbye to paperwork: transmit your payroll data to us electronically – transfers are fast and easy with Swissdec-certified accounting software. Each step in the process meets the highest data protection and data quality standards. And saves you both time and money.

Electronic payroll data transmission (ELM)


Work efficiently and securely

ELM, a system for electronically transmitting payroll data, makes fighting your way through mountains of paper a thing of the past. You simply transfer your encrypted data quickly to Generali in electronic form. All you need is a Swissdec-certified accounting program. As well as making life easier, your processes will be more efficient too.

How you benefit

  • You only need to enter the data in your payroll accounting system once
  • Data is transmitted rapidly to the various recipients
  • Detailed payroll data (e.g. maximum insured salary)
  • More efficient work processes
  • Lower error rate
  • Easier to check

How ELM works


Transmitting payroll data electronically is really simple. Once you’ve set up the ELM system, you’ll be able to work even more efficiently and securely each year – without unnecessary mistakes. Just follow these steps:


Request an ELM insurance profile

Your contact at Generali will send you the ELM insurance profile featuring all the data relevant to your policy. Your profile can be amended at any time if changes are made to your contract.


Configure the payroll accounting system

Configure your system in line with the Generali insurance profile. After entering all groups of insured persons, premium rates and maximum total salaries, and assigning a two-digit code to employees, you are ready to start processing salaries.


Proceed with payroll accounting

Continue to do your payroll accounting as usual.


Transmit payroll data electronically

At the start of the year, simply transfer all your payroll data for the calendar year just ended to us online. We’ll then send you a confirmation email containing a link to a secure website. Go there and check all the information once again – you can delete, correct and approve data. Once you have approved and submitted your declaration, you’ll receive the definitive statement for your daily sickness allowance and accident insurance.


  • Swissdec-certified payroll software. You can find a list at
  • You must use this software for the whole calendar year from 1 January to 31 December.

Swissdec is the quality label for the electronic exchange of data between companies, insurers and authorities. A non-profit joint venture, Swissdec is run by several independent partners including the Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund (SUVA), the Swiss Insurance Association, the Federal Statistical Office, the Old-Age, Survivors' and Disability Insurance (AHV/IV) and the association of cantonal tax authorities.

The project simplifies the exchange of payroll data, while also safeguarding data quality and protection. Swissdec acts as a link between users and makes sure that the data transmission process complies with the legal requirements.

Swissdec gives top priority to security. The electronic transmission of your payroll data via Swissdec-certified software satisfies the highest quality and security standards. All data is encrypted and data privacy is guaranteed at all times.

As an alternative to transmitting payroll data electronically, you can send us your payroll declaration in paper form at the start of the year – either pop a copy in the post or send us a scanned copy by email. You will receive the necessary form automatically at the end of the year, provided you have let us know that you don’t want to submit it electronically.


Please remember the following points:

  • Complete every required cell on the form; it helps understanding if you include the totals and subtractions.
  • Make sure that the figures are clearly legible.
  • It’s important that the correct totals and subtractions are entered.
  • Please don’t forget to have the form signed by someone who is authorised to do so.
  • Please enclose the AHV statement.

If you’re not sure exactly which salary components have to be declared or if you would like further practical information, then get the free Generali info kit on personal insurance: