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Accident insurance


Whether at work or elsewhere: accidents can happen suddenly. Luckily, occupational accident insurance from Generali provides your company and the employees in question with quick and straightforward help. We look after those who have been injured and cover the costs incurred.

What Generali accident insurance covers


Add on flexible extras for optimum protection

Accident insurance is compulsory: the Federal Accident Insurance Act (UVG) requires all employers to insure their workforce against accidents. It also sets out the minimum benefits that are to be provided by this form of insurance. Offering additional benefits not only strengthens your protection, it also makes you more attractive as an employer.


What is insured?

The compulsory benefits under occupational accident insurance include:

  • the cost of medical treatment, medication, hospitalisation and therapies
  • daily allowance for loss of income
  • disability pension if the accident leads to disability
  • survivors’ and widow’s pensions if the accident results in death
  • financial compensation if the accident caused restrictions to perform simple, everyday tasks


What optional extras are available?

To enable your employees to enjoy an even better protection, you can take out additional cover for the following benefits:

  • cost of a private ward in hospital
  • financial compensation if the accident results in disability or death
  • higher daily allowances or additional pensions (supplementing the compulsory pension)
  • cover for accidents caused by gross negligence and reckless behaviour

How you benefit

  • 24/7 assistance hotline for you and your employees
  • Report accidents quickly and easily online
  • Declare your salary amountspayroll directly online
  • Generous additional benefits such as help around the home, complementary medical treatment and cover for retraining expenses
  • Case management helps getting employees back to work successfully
  • Advice on preventive services

How accident insurance works


A specific example

Marie Arnold runs a young consulting company that has two employees. One of these, Kurt Fischer, is involved in a traffic accident on his way to work. He is badly injured and taken immediately to hospital. Complicated knee surgery is followed by a long period of rehabilitation in hospital, with many sessions of physiotherapy. Kurt Fischer is strongly advised to undergo special therapy at a spa.


Fortunately, Marie Arnold has insured her employees well and doesn't have to bear the consequences of the accident alone, so soon after setting up her own company. Loss of income, outpatient treatment, hopital stay, medication and therapy: Generali pays for it all. What’s more, thanks to the supplementary insurance that Marie Arnold has taken out, Generali pays a daily indemnity equal to 100% of the salary right from the very first day.


The accident insurance has saved the company, which could never have borne all these costs on its own.


The premium is based on the insured risk, the supplementary insurance taken out and the total payroll for all employees. We grant a discount on supplementary cover if you also take out daily sickness allowance insurance with Generali.

Yes, supplementary insurance lets you take out cover for a specifically defined group of people. You can also insure additional lump sums for disability and death.

Additional cover options

Daily sickness allowance insurance from Generali covers your company and employees during absences due to illness.

Protect your business and inventory against property damage and personal injury, business interruption and the destruction of IT equipment. Business inventory and commercial liability insurance is comprehensive, flexible and includes all possible coverages in one policy.

Insurance for technical equipment protects your company and its machines against repairs necessitated by damage, the cost of replacing plant and equipment, and loss of revenue due to business interruption.

Protect your company and yourself as an employer against financial and legal risks with legal protection insurance.

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