Our commitment to film

The fascinating world of film.

Films have fascinated and enthralled us for more than 100 years. They whisk us off to unknown worlds and are ambassadors for cultural diversity. Subject matter, narrative methods and techniques have developed considerably over the decades. That is why film has remained a young medium and continues to be loved by all generations.

Familiar and foreign cultures are brought together in films. They can reflect reality or immerse us in an entirely different world. Their stories hold us in thrall, make us laugh or make us ponder. Films accompany us through various situations in life. Just like us as an insurance company.


Generali is a proud partner of the Zurich Film Festival (ZFF). The ZFF offers Swiss filmmakers and young talented individuals an important platform that deserves to be promoted in the area of film. Our positioning in this area is a valuable addition to our musical commitment: music provides the soundtrack for life, and films deliver the matching moving images. We say “Action!”.