About Lion Kids by Generali

By children for children.

The music promotion programme «Lion Kids by Generali», launched by Generali Switzerland and the Swiss Music Awards (SMA), gives children between the ages of 6 and 12 easy access to music. The programme offers Swiss youngsters a free platform on which to experience music in all its forms.


Nationwide music workshops in alternating cities are a core element of the programme and provide an opportunity for the children to express themselves through music.


The children are supported in the workshops by a different musical mentor each year. They study a song that the artist has written and produced especially for the music promotion programme. Together with their mentor, the children sing the main passages of the song, which are then incorporated into the final piece.


The song is released in autumn every year. The proceeds from the song go to our foundation “The Human Safety Net Switzerland”. The foundation is committed to helping children under the age of six who are growing up in fragile family situations.


Click here to hear our song “Our time is coming”, which the children produced with Stefanie Heinzmann in the summer of 2022. Donate now to help create more equal opportunities for every child in Switzerland!



A SONG FOR A GOOD CAUSE – Equal opportunities for every child in Switzerland

The lessons children learn in their first six years stay with them for life. But fragile family situations are often socially isolating for children. This means they miss out on important fundamental experiences. That’s why all proceeds from the song go to our foundation «The Human Safety Net Switzerland». The organisation uses the proceeds to support parents in laying strong foundations for their children’s future despite their difficult circumstances. For equal opportunities from day one.


Here you can find out more about our partnership and the heartfelt desires that we fulfil with the proceeds.



The workshops

In our workshops, children are introduced to a wide range of music-related topics in a fun way. The activities are divided into a theoretical part and a practical part:


Theoretical part

In the mornings, the children are split into groups and introduced to the topics of «band», «songwriting» and «rhythm» in rotating sub-workshops.


The aim of the band and rhythm workshops is for the children to find one or two instruments that match their personalities and to have their first positive experiences and feelings of accomplishment with them under professional guidance. In the songwriting workshop, the children write their first lyrics.


Here, the focus is less on musical theory and note reading, and more on direct contact with sound, rhythm and melodies. The aim is to find instruments that match their personalities. They get their first feelings of accomplishment under professional guidance. We want the children’s curiosity and playfulness to bring them closer to music with our guidance.


Practical part

The afternoons are all about making music together. The children practise the new «Lion Kids by Generali» song with the guest artist. It is then released in autumn on all popular platforms and here on our website.


All children between the ages of 6 and 12 can participate with their parents’ consent. The number of participants is limited to 30 children per workshop, with a maximum of two children from the same household.


Further information, along with some snapshots from the music promotion programme in, can be found here.



La Gustav Akademie

The La Gustav Akademie is a non-profit association and an after-school musical and multilingual project aimed at the promotion of talented young musicians. It was founded by Fribourg musician Gustav. Team members from the Gustav Akademie will be overseeing the educational part of the project.

Swiss Music Awards

The Swiss Music Awards (SMA) organisers are supporting our project with their media network and are offering us a major platform on which to continue the project long term.

The Human Safety Net Switzerland

The Human Safety Net Switzerland foundation supports projects in Switzerland that benefit children aged 0 to 6 years and their parents in fragile family situations. The foundation was established by Generali Switzerland in 2019.