Good insurance cover while on holiday: the case of the Meier family

Apr 13, 2022.

Heading off in the car for a long weekend on Lake Garda: lots of families go away at Easter. Travel insurance can be valuable even if you’re only going on a short trip, as you’ll save a lot of money, time and trouble in the event of an emergency. The Meier family is a good example of this.

When a fall ended their holiday early

The holiday home is booked, the car is packed and they can barely contain their excitement: Monika and Pascal are going to Lake Garda with their two children Joel and Mia. On a walk on the first day, Joel trips on a tree root and breaks his leg. In hospital, the doctors give a diagnosis of a complicated fracture. It needs to be operated on. They cut their trip short and come home early so that Joel can receive further medical care closer to where they live. The Meier family has travel insurance with Generali including the personal assistance basic module.


What the Meier family should do after the accident

The accident has happened and Joel is receiving initial medical care. Monika and Pascal should notify their travel insurance provider now and get support. They are there for them before and during their trip. Generali’s travel hotline is available 24/7, 365 days a year on +41 848 800 400.


Generali’s experts discuss how to proceed with the Meier family:

  • if necessary, repatriation by ambulance to a hospital near where they live will be arranged. Our partner Europ Assistance, a global market leader in the field of assistance services, takes care of this.
  • The Meier family will need to keep hold of documents from the hospital and holiday home, etc. to report the claim later on.


What personal assistance specifically includes

The Meier family selected the personal assistance basic module for their travel insurance. This consists of two parts:


Medical assistance: The family is entitled to medical assistance during their trip in the event of illness, accident, death and pregnancy complications. Costs of search and rescue operations are also included in this cover in case someone goes missing.


Travel assistance: Insurance for early, late and temporary return journeys in the event of:

  • illness, accident, pregnancy complications, missing persons and death. This also applies if these events happen to a travel companion or relative.
  • Extraordinary events and transport breakdown.
  • Loss of travel documents or essential medication.


Frequently asked questions after an accident on a trip

The Meier family was only able to stay in the holiday home they had booked for two days. What happens to the money already paid for the rest of the week or money that still has to be paid? 


Our partner Europ Assistance will pay the remaining amount. If the landlord of the holiday home is fair, they will only charge the Meier family for the first two days. Then travel insurance does not come into it at all. The family should also look at the booking terms and conditions – early departure is normally mentioned there.


What does the Meier family have to do when they return from their trip?

They have to report the claim on the eClaims portal and upload all important documents. As an example, this might include medical reports, the booking confirmation and trip cancellation documents, including costs, etc. All evidence is now on file and Europ Assistance is aware of all further costs incurred. The Meier family will get a link to the claims portal from Generali directly.


What really matters in the end

Yes, the Meier family had imagined their long weekend turning out a little different. But thanks to their travel insurance, the parents did not have to discuss financial matters, and were instead able to spend this time with their son who had had an accident. Even though health insurance pays first in the event of an accident, this will only reimburse the costs to a limited extent. If basic health insurance has reached its limits, personal assistance steps in, covering the remaining costs up to the contractually agreed sum. Furthermore, it also covers additional benefits that not every health insurance provider offers, such as visiting costs or replacement trips.

Personal assistance means that the Meier family can rest safe in the knowledge that they will receive the best support around the clock when their next adventure calls.


What does travel insurance personal assistance pay for?


The following amounts are covered per person (please note that this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Search costs: CHF 50,000
  • Rescue costs: unlimited
  • Treatment costs abroad: CHF 250,000
  • Additional costs for food and accommodation: up to CHF 2,000
  • Transport breakdown: CHF 3,000 per event but not per person



Other Generali travel insurance modules

Other basic modules include cancellation costs and vehicle assistance. Additional modules cover luggage incidents, excess for rental car accidents and provide support when it comes to any legal pitfalls relating to travel.