With a rating of 5.4, car insurance awarded silver in Comparis rankings

Aug 21, 2019.

Online comparison service comparis.ch assesses how satisfied the Swiss are with their insurers. In a representative survey, Generali’s car insurance took second place with a Comparis rating of 5.4. Its household contents and personal liability insurance was awarded bronze with a rating of 5.2.

Comparis publishes the latest results of its customer satisfaction survey in the insurance sector. In June 2019 Comparis surveyed 3,500 people in German-speaking Switzerland, French-speaking Switzerland and Ticino, with each person able to rate several insurance providers. The survey resulted in 8,441 ratings for the categories health insurance, car insurance, household contents and personal liability insurance and mortgage lenders.


Car insurance: customers value fast claims processing

Generali came second place in the category car insurance in the 2019 survey. This was a 0.2 point improvement over the previous year, meaning that we now have a rating of 5.4. 11 car insurers were ranked in five categories.


Our very good claims processing was a major factor in this result. With a Comparis rating of 5.7, customer satisfaction is particularly high in this category. The good results show that we provide our customers with fast and expert assistance in the event of a claim:

  • Handling of claims (5.7)
  • Competence and commitment of employees (5.5)
  • Insurer’s availability (5.4)
  • Comprehensibility and clarity of customer information (5.3)
  • Satisfaction with amount of premium (5.0)


You can find the detailed results for car insurance here


Household contents and personal liability insurance received a rating of 5.2

In the rankings of house insurers, Generali shared third place with Vaudoise and Zurich. Our customers gave us an overall rating of 5.2 and are just as satisfied with our services as they were in 2018.


You can find the detailed results for household contents insurance here