Don't slip up! How to drive safely in the fall

Oct 15, 2019.

From thunderstorms and heavy rain to epic flooding, unpredictable weather during the autumn months can cause all sorts of havoc for drivers. Whether you're commuting to work or travelling to see friends, stay safe on the roads whatever the forecast with our essential guide to driving safely in wet autumn weather.

The most common dangers during the autumn months:

  • Low sun and fog reducing visibility
  • Animals crossing the road, causing a hazard
  • Increased risk of slipping due to wet roads and fallen leaves


Preparation is everything: plan ahead

Planning ahead is a key element of safe wet weather driving, both in terms of checking the forecast and making sure your car is fully prepared for the task ahead. Visibility is essential for driving in wet, windy or foggy conditions, so make sure to check that the windows and light covers are clean, all lights are working, and that the ventilation system is clear in case you need to de-fog the windows during your drive.


Once you’re on the road, try to adjust your driving style—even the most seasoned drivers on a regular route can get caught out in tricky autumnal weather by not modifying their behaviour. Drive cautiously, carefully, and below the speed limit, with a good distance between yourself and other cars. Go slow when making turns to avoid hydroplaning. Keep your eye on any large vehicles around you, so you can react quickly if necessary, and take a break if you start to feel tired.


Feeling stressed and rushing to your destination can affect how carefully you drive, so always make sure you leave plenty of time to reach your destination safely. In the car, limit any distractions such as conversations or the radio, and focus on the road instead. Finally, ask yourself how essential the journey is if the weather is particularly bad—can you wait and travel when it improves instead? Prioritising your safety is always the most important thing.

"Collision is by far the most common type of damage here in our claims department. It is all the more important to look ahead and to adapt the driving style, especially in autumnal conditions, wetness and foliage."


Marcel Müller, Team Leader Schaden, Generali Switzerland

Get ready for autumn driving with these 10 practical tips

  • Check the forecast before you go
  • Leave in plenty of time, so you don't feel rushed
  • Prepare your car for maximum visibility by cleaning the windows and light covers
  • Make sure all your lights and your ventilation system is working
  • Adjust your driving style to prioritise cautious, careful driving
  • Stay below the speed limit
  • Keep a good distance between yourself and other cars
  • Go slow when making turns, in order to avoid hydroplaning
  • Take a break if you start to feel tired
  • Limit any distractions in the car, such as the radio or conversations.


Enjoy the golden autumn to the fullest, but be safe

Autumn is usually a beautiful time of year, but it's important to stay safe on the roads so you can enjoy it to the fullest. Why not check out the most stunning destinations in Switzerland during these golden months? Enjoy a carefree autumn!