Are you fire smart? Take our quiz

Jul 20, 2020.

It’s official: fires in the home are more likely to be caused by human error than mechanical failure, according to statistics from different countries around the world. Every year Switzerland counts about 20,000 fires. Although there are many different things in homes that could cause fires, in the US statistics show that cooking, and in particular frying, is the leading cause of house fires and resulting injuries.


These are well-publicised risks when it comes to fire safety, but there may be others you don’t even know about. Take our quiz to find out how fire-smart you really are – and discover how to protect your loved ones and possessions in the process.


Do you check your smoke alarm?


Answer: You should test it once a month and replace it every decade.


Do you clean your chimney?


Answer: You should get it cleaned professionally once a year by a chimney sweep.


Do you keep glass objects, particularly magnifying mirrors, near windows?


Answer: The low winter sun can cause an intense and dangerous “laser” effect that may spark a flame.


How regularly do you clear the lint trap in your tumble dryer?


Answer: You should clear the lint trap every time you use your dryer because built-up lint is highly flammable.


How do you look after your wood burning stove?


Answer: You should clean it regularly, never leave it unattended and keep logs away from its exterior.


Do you have an electric blanket?


Answer: Always switch it off before falling asleep.


How do you use your portable heater?


Answer: You should keep it away from curtains and furniture, and never use it for drying clothes.


How many of these answers did you know? Are you insured in the event of a fire in your home? Click here to learn more about our household contents insurance.