Unexpected places that germs are hiding in your home

May 15, 2019.

Even the most sparkling clean homes often have dirt and germs lurking in places you don’t expect. Here, we look at some of the places bacteria can be hiding in your kitchen, bathroom and living room, and the best ways to keep those pesky germs at bay.

Unexpected germs in the kitchen

As a major room in the home, not to mention where all the cooking happens, it’s often the kitchen where most unexpected germs can be found. Dish sponges can be a hotbed for bacteria, so replace regularly or blast in the microwave to kill as much of the bad stuff as possible. Make sure to always properly clean cutting boards after use, regularly bleaching those used for raw meat and poultry. Swap out used tea towels for clean ones often. Oven knobs, drawer handles and sinks can easily attract grime from dirty hands, so use disinfectant wipes here after a cooking session.

Hidden bacteria in the bathroom

It may be the place you go to get clean, but that doesn’t mean your bathroom isn’t potentially packed with hidden germs! They're usually found in areas where your hands come in contact with surfaces before being thoroughly cleaned, such as light switches, sinks and hand towels. To beat the germs, wipe these areas with disinfectant spray and change hand towels frequently. Your daily cosmetics bag can also hold plenty of bacteria in sponges, brushes and old makeup, so make sure to keep the first two clean with special soap, and check the best-before dates on makeup. Toothbrushes should also be changed regularly, especially in a small bathroom!

Dirt found in the living room

From dirt and grime on the TV remote to grubby mobile phone screens, there are plenty of spots for germs to hide in the living room. Clean remotes and phones with disinfectant wipes and try to get removable cushion covers for your sofa—this way they can be put in the washing machine to really remove any lingering bacteria. If the room is carpeted, or lined with rugs, try to steam clean once or twice a year. All cleaning should be done more often if you have four-legged friends who may be shedding hair and dragging dirt in on a daily basis!