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Car insurance

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With the car insurance of Generali you can drive with peace of mind in your daily routine and in your free time. And as your insurance needs are as individual as you are, you can select the precise protection that you require.

  • 24-hour breakdown cover and assistance when you conclude partial or comprehensive accidental damage insurance
  • Free replacement car and pick-up and delivery service if your car’s bodywork is damaged
  • 20 % discount for environmentally friendly vehicles

A customised insurance package

We tailor your car insurance to your individual needs. Decide which solution is best suited to you and your vehicle. Do you only require the basic benefits, i.e. third-party liability and accidental damage insurance, or would you also like to take advantage of our valuable supplementary benefits? Customise your insurance cover to increase your financial protection in the event of a claim. You can also select your own deductible.

Third-party liability insurance

In the event of a claim, mandatory third-party liability insurance provides insurance cover up to a value of CHF 100 million for damage caused by your vehicle to other road users. This element of insurance is always included.

24-hour breakdown cover and 24-hour assistance

The valuable assistance service provides support in emergencies, such as 24/7 breakdown and towing assistance and vehicle recovery in Switzerland (0848 800 400) and abroad (+41 58 472 00 77). This service is automatically included when you take out accidental damage insurance.

Partial accidental damage

This insurance covers you against fire damage, theft, glass breakages, damage caused by martens, vandalism and natural events such as storms, hail, landslides, avalanches, rockslides and flooding.

Comprehensive accidental damage (partial + collision accidental damage)

In addition to the events listed under partial accidental damage cover, with comprehensive accidental damage insurance your vehicle is also covered against collision damage such as crashes, impacts, overturning and sinking.

Protection against gross negligence

Generali also offers cover for damage caused by grossly negligent violations of traffic regulations and waiver of its right of recourse or reduction. You can choose gross negligence protection as a supplementary benefit.

Accident insurance

This add-on provides insurance for all passengers of the insured vehicle in an accident. The supplementary cover offers benefits in the event of disability or death, pays a daily hospital allowance and covers treatment costs. Generali provides this benefit even before liability has been established.

Parking damage

If you have entered into the corresponding agreement, Generali will cover damage to parked cars caused by unknown third parties.

No-claims bonus protection

No-claims bonus protection is a form of supplementary insurance guaranteeing that your premium level will remain the same after your first registered claim in a calendar year and is included in the Classic and Optima packages.

Three packages based on your needs

Each package contains different services, depending on your needs. Simply select the package that best suits you. You can also add other services in order to create your ideal insurance solution.

Important questions

The insurance covers drivers, vehicle holders and passengers under the terms of the insurance policy.

Your insurance is valid in Switzerland, in all EU and EEA member states and in Andorra. Accidental damage insurance is also valid in Kosovo. However, if you wish to visit European countries which are not EU or EEA member states, you must order a valid International Insurance Card from Generali beforehand. Your insurance will not be valid in any countries or areas that are crossed out or excluded on the International Insurance Card.

The policy is valid from the date specified in the insurance contract, but not before the date on which the vehicle was registered with the road traffic office. The insurance contract is renewed each year automatically for the period of one year unless terminated by one of the parties at least three months prior to the expiry date.

If you've decided on one of the three packages, you can purchase your insurance by clicking the «Buy online» button. We will then issue you with a certificate of insurance, so that you can register your vehicle with the road traffic office. In the meantime, we will also prepare your contract documents and send these to you by post.