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Accident insurance

Security for optimal treatment

A moment of carelessness while playing a sport, at home or on your way to work, can have serious consequences. Because basic insurance covers only the most essential costs, it is important to get supplementary cover. This is where accident insurance comes into play - it offers additional financial benefits, anywhere in the world. With this reassuring knowledge, you can focus all your energy on getting back on your feet.

  • Tailored to your needs, thanks to individual coverage options
  • Premium guarantee for the entire term of the contract
  • Free choice of doctors and hospitals and assistance services worldwide
  • Unlimited payment of transport costs (e.g. Rega Swiss air ambulance) and reimbursement for property damage (including bicycles and mopeds)
  • No reductions for gross negligence


If you have an accident, you want the assurance of knowing that you can afford the best possible treatment. With ALLEGRA accident insurance, you can afford this certainty. It steps in where the benefits provided under basic insurance (health insurers or occupational schemes) end and it insures:

worldwide cover as a private patient and generous cost reimbursements.

This is how you can fill the gaps in your basic accident insurance: We pay daily allowances from the first day and supplement the 80% of customers' salaries up to 100%. Persons not in employment can also take out daily accident allowance policies.

in the event of disability resulting from an accident, we pay a lump sum of up to 350% of the chosen insured amount.

You determine the amount of the lump sum to be paid to surviving beneficiaries in the event of your death as a direct consequence of an accident. On request, customers can also use this insurance cover to provide for funeral costs, which can often be substantial.

This insurance is particularly ideal for families with children. Accident insurance also offers comprehensive supplementary policies for homemakers, people who aren't working, and students at schools and colleges.


How ALLEGRA accident insurance works – an example

While the Hughes family are on holiday in the US, their son goes for a bike ride and has a serious fall. He injures his leg and needs to be admitted to a special clinic for emergency treatment.


The family is worried, not just about their son's state of health, but also about the potential costs of the accident, which could make a major dent in their holiday budget.


Luckily, the family has the number for the "hotline" with them, and Generali takes control of the situation. It pays the bill for inpatient treatment in a suitable hospital in the US and the costs are paid up front. A return flight is then organised for the injured son, accompanied by a doctor, on a scheduled flight. While the family members have to extend their stay in order to care for the patient, they don't have to spend a single cent more. Generali takes care of their additional costs too.


One month later, the accident is already a thing of the past. The son has now fully recovered and is very pleased to learn that Generali will also cover the costs of replacing the bicycle that was a write-off in the accident. He is also compensated for the time he was unable to work and for his hospital stay.


When this sort of event occurs, Generali provides the following services:

  • Round-the-clock hotline for assistance services
  • Unlimited assistance services
  • Unlimited hospital costs abroad
  • Additional accommodation expenses for relatives: Up to CHF 5,000
  • Daily allowance for incapacity to work: Up to CHF 60 per day
  • Daily hospital allowance: Up to CHF 50 per day
  • Costs of repairing the bicycle or moped: Up to CHF 5,000


Summary of the details

What benefits does ALLEGRA accident insurance offer?

With this accident insurance, you receive the benefits of private insurance at a low cost!

Accident insurance also includes an assistance insurance that eliminates many of your concerns - round the clock, round the world.

Whether you're in a hospital, health resort, rehabilitation clinic or undergoing Spitex home care, daily hospital allowance under accident insurance takes the pressure off your wallet with an unconditional daily allowance.

Important questions

All individuals listed in the policy are insured against accidents, provided they are domiciled in Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein.

The contract is concluded for the duration indicated in the policy. The insurance is renewed automatically for one year at the end of the term if it is not terminated at least three months before expiry.

The insurance cover applies worldwide.

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