Payment account

Attractive interim solution for your life insurance capital

Is your Generali life insurance paying out soon, but you don't know how you want to use the capital? Then let your money work for you while you check out your options. The payment account is the perfect solution here: no fees, an attractive rate of interest, and secure. This means you can concentrate on working out definite investment plans.

Your benefits

  • Attractive rate of interest
  • No fees charged
  • Flexible withdrawal conditions
  • Safe investment
  • Straightforward policy management

More time for the right investment decision

Is your Generali life insurance about to mature, but you don't yet have any definite plans for what to do with the lump sum? With the payment account, not only can you consider your investment options at your leisure, but you also benefit from extremely attractive investment conditions. In the event of survival, the life insurance capital is paid directly into the payment account. This has a maximum duration of three years. During this time, you may withdraw the whole balance or a part of it, or reinvest it in another Generali product.

Product details

The current rate of interest is 0.1% p.a. The rate is periodically adjusted in line with the market.

The minimum payment is CHF 10,000. The capital must come directly from an expired Generali life insurance policy. It is not possible to pay in other amounts such as pension benefits, capital from the surrender of existing policies or capital transfers from banks/other life insurance companies or funds from Pillar 2 (BVG).

Partial withdrawals of at least CHF 5,000 or withdrawal of the entire balance including interest is possible at any time upon submission of a written application. If application is made to withdraw an exceptionally high amount, Generali may impose a notice period and an adjusted minimum withdrawal amount.


The account balance remaining after each withdrawal must be at least CHF 5,000. If the balance remaining falls below CHF 5,000, the balance including interest will be transferred to a Swiss bank or postal account.

The maximum term is three years. Following the expiry of this period, the account will be closed and the capital including interest transferred to a Swiss bank or post office account.

In the event of the death of the account holder, the payment account will be terminated with effect from the date of death. Interest will be paid on the balance up to the date of death and the total amount will form part of the account holder's estate.

Important questions

  • Persons who have a Generali life insurance policy that is about to mature.
  • Individuals aged 18 and over
  • Swiss citizens or foreign nationals with permit B (residence) or C (settlement)
  • Persons resident in Switzerland


If the account holder gives up his/her residence in Switzerland, the account will be terminated as of the date of the notification of departure.

  • The account is denominated in Swiss francs only.
  • The payment account is subject to withholding, income and wealth taxes.
  • The interest on the capital is subject to withholding tax at a rate of 35%.
  • The interest is taxable as income and the capital as assets.
Account information

The following account information is issued free of charge:

  • Confirmation of account opening
  • Account statement showing all transactions as at 31 December, including the withholding tax statement
  • Account statements on demand
Services not provided
  • Additional payments, pledges, retained correspondence, e-banking
Payment transactions, standing orders, overdrafts, and account, EC or credit cards