Vested benefits policy

The simple solution for your pension fund assets

Are you planning to take time out from your professional life? Whether you're off to travel the world or simply want to spend more time with your family, depositing your pension fund assets for a longer period of time is easy with our vested benefits policy. And you enjoy an attractive interest rate, safe in the knowledge that your future is in good hands.

How you benefit

  • Interest rate of 0.4% – guaranteed until the end of 2024
  • Very high level of security (segregated tied assets)
  • Cost transparency
  • Early withdrawal and pledging for the purchase of owner-occupied residential property possible
  • Flexible pension planning (liquidation from 5 years before and up to 5 years after reaching statutory retirement age)


You're planning to go abroad for an extended period of time or want to spend more time with your family. You're about to become self-employed and don't want your vested benefits paid out. Maybe your new employer’s pension fund does not allow you to bring in all of your current vested benefits assets, or you wish to have transferred your assets from another vested benefits account to Generali. Or maybe you have just received a payment from an occupational pension scheme following a divorce. Wherever you are in your life right now, there are many reasons why Generali's vested benefits policy is the ideal way to invest your pension fund assets.


Your assets are accessible whenever you need them: You can use them to fund or secure the purchase of a new home, or withdraw them if you decide to become self-employed. You can take them with you if you leave Switzerland for good – the non-mandatory portion if you're off to a member country of the European Union or the EFTA (with the exception of Liechtenstein) and all of it if you're going further afield. And if anything should happen to you, your nearest and dearest will immediately receive 101% of the accumulated funds.


In the event of survival (e.g. upon reaching statutory retirement age), you will receive your single premium payment plus interest.

In the event of death, the rightful claimants will receive 101% of your single premium payment plus interest.


The interest rate is set annually and guaranteed for a calendar year.

Single premium payment: minimum CHF 20,000, maximum CHF 500,000

Under the promotion of home ownership legislation, you may withdraw or pledge your vested benefits within the scope permitted by law.

Policy opening and management is free. If the vested benefits policy is held for a minimum of one year, liquidation is also free. If held for less than a year, or if an early withdrawal is made for the purchase of a home, please refer to the fee regulations. Pledging is free.