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Household contents insurance

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Things can sometimes get out of hand: the bathroom gets flooded, your laptop is stolen or the children smash the glass table in the living room when playing. That’s where our flexible household contents insurance comes in, offering you financial protection and practical services. You are free to decide what additional cover is most suitable for you and your loved ones. Making sure you feel safe and secure, both at home and when travelling.

How you benefit

  • Comprehensive, all-round cover with a first-class service package
  • Perfect protection at home
  • No worries about glass breakage
  • Practical, optional add-ons, such as organising tradesmen to fix the damage, or luggage insurance

Seamless Household contents insurance from Generali

Storms, fire, water and earthquake

Your household contents insurance covers you for damage caused by natural events such as flooding, inundation and storms. Fire and water damage are also included in the basic cover. Earthquake cover is optional.


If your home is broken into and something is stolen, we’ll cover the financial loss. If you’d like to take out cover for theft when travelling away from home, you can include this in your household contents insurance as an optional add-on.

Household contents accidental damage

You can include damage to your personal items in the insurance cover. That includes things like electrical appliances and sports equipment as well as jewellery and spectacles.

Glass breakage

You can also insure breakage to glass items with us. For example, to your ceramic hob or bathtub.

Tradesmen through Home Assistance

Home Assistance is a practical optional add-on: if damage occurs, we’ll arrange a tradesman for you. In the case of water damage, for example, we’ll send for a plumber to come and fix the problem.


If you spend a lot of time travelling, luggage insurance is right for you. If your suitcase fails to arrive at its destination or gets damaged along the way, we’ll cover the costs. And if you have to buy urgently needed items because of this, we’ve got you covered too.

Credit card and telephone fraud

You can include damage caused by someone else misusing your credit card or telephone in the insurance. Make sure to take the necessary security precautions and inform us as soon as possible if the worst happens.

Other cover

There are many other options you can add to your household contents insurance. Insure your personal valuables, glazing in buildings like windows or balcony doors, and your garden and crops. We’ll be more than happy to help.

Personal liability

Accidents can – and do – happen. Too bad if you cause damage or injury to someone else in the process. To make sure you’re completely covered, why not supplement your household contents insurance with our personal liability insurance? It’s really easy to take out online.

*Discount only applies to new insurance taken out online.