Provident insurance package

Life sometimes takes unexpected turns. It's good to be prepared. Our provident insurance package is a savings plan and risk cover all in one. It also comes with low premiums and a package discount. Maximum security for you and your loved ones.

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How provident insurance package works

Our provident insurance package guarantees triple protection: build capital via a third pillar pension with a good potential for returns, and protect yourself and your loved ones financially with death benefits insurance and pension for loss of earning capacity. Plus, our premium exemption is also fully included.

Your benefits

All in one

Saving and risk cover for a secure future.

  • Saving under pillar 3 with tax advantages
  • Select the investment plan that meets your needs
  • Attractive potential returns: expert investments
  • Safeguarding your future: death benefits and pension
  • Includes premium waiver
All-in one protection

At a bundle price and with exclusive discount.

  • Lower premiums thanks to package bonus
  • Plus discount for pension
  • Save taxes with third pillar capital
  • More money to put aside with discounts

Provident insurance package at a glance

Savings component

Building savings

Pillar 3a

Pillar 3b

Risk cover

Death benefits

Pension for loss of earnings

Premium exemption

Personal pension consultation for you

For an analysis of your situation and personalised quotes.

Coverage types in detail

In brief

  • Building savings capital
  • In a pillar 3a or 3b account
  • Choose from a range of investment plans
  • Invest in line with your needs
  • Potential returns

Saving for later life
You decide whether to pay your premiums into a pillar 3a or 3b account. This way, you can build financial security for your retirement or savings for your next big purchase. 


Finding the right investment plan
You can choose from two different types of investment plan: our sustainable Tomorrow Invest plans, which primarily invest in Swiss companies with a proven commitment to creating a better world. And our cost-effective Multi Index strategy funds, which focus on high geographical diversification and cost-effective ETFs. 

In brief

  • Build savings for your retirement
  • Closing pension gaps
  • Benefit from tax savings
  • Savings withdrawable on retirement

Saving under pillar 3a
Pillar 3a is a tied pension. This means you will normally only be able to access pillar 3a savings when you retire. However, it allows you to deduct your premiums from your taxable income, which means you’ll pay less annual tax. This makes a pillar 3a pension perfect for saving for your old age. 


Good to know

  • Pillar 3a has strict rules concerning the order in which beneficiaries will be paid any funds in the event of the insured person’s death.

In brief

  • Saving: flexible and without limits
  • Unrestricted access to your savings
  • Saving for major investments
  • Limited scope for tax savings
  • Free choice of beneficiaries

Saving under pillar 3b
Pillar 3b is a flexible pension. That means you can be very flexible with your savings and access your funds any time. Pillar 3b is a great option for building savings for a bigger investment.


Please note

  • Pillar 3b has no restrictions concerning beneficiaries, which means they can include cohabiting partners.
  • However, tax savings are only offered in some cantons and with restrictions.
  • Later withdrawals are not taxed.

In brief

  • Financial protection for family
  • Guaranteed sum insured
  • Fund assets paid out in full
  • Automatically included

Your death benefit
Your death benefits will ensure that your family will be financially secure should anything happen to you. They will be paid the entire fund balance, at least the guaranteed death benefit. 



  • In the event of survival: You’ll receive a guaranteed maturity benefit.  
  • In the event of death: Your beneficiaries will receive the entire fund balance, but at least the guaranteed death benefit.  
  • Optional: Additional lump-sum death benefit. If the insured person dies during the policy period, the policy will pay out an extra lump sum in addition to the main insurance benefits. For even greater financial protection.

In brief

  • Pension for loss of earning capacity
  • Choice of pension amounts
  • Waiting period of 30 to 720 days
  • Automatically included

Your pension for loss of earning capacity
If you experience loss of earning capacity because of physical or mental problems, we will pay you a pension. These payments will be made retroactively four times a year. This means you’ll be able to maintain your usual standard of living.


Choice of pension amounts and waiting periods
The legal waiting period is 720 days. With us, you can reduce this period to 30 days. You’ll also be able to choose the pension amount to suit your personal needs. 

In brief

  • In the event of loss of earning capacity
  • We’ll continue paying your premiums
  • Paid after an agreed period
  • Automatically included

Your premium exemption 
If you lose your income because of an illness or accident, we will continue paying your premiums on expiry of the waiting period. This also applies if you lose your basic faculties. This will help with your finances and means that you will still be able to achieve your saving goals.


Choice of waiting periods

  • You choose: from a waiting period of 90, 180, 270 or 720 days. The longer the waiting period, the lower the premium. 
  • If your ability to work has only become limited to some extent, we will take over paying a corresponding percentage of your premium.
Tomorrow Invest
Multi Index

Perfect all-round protection: optimally insured with the provident insurance package including discount.

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