Football and music – two hearts beating in one chest

Jun 30, 2020.

The multitalented Meo

Meo is a passionate musician and athlete and is doing a commercial apprenticeship at Generali. He’s 19 years old and was born and raised in Zurich. His family roots are in Turkey and Germany. Meo is a multi-faceted apprentice – and that goes for his talents outside of work as well. At the age of 12 he began singing and taking voice lessons. After allowing himself a break while his voice transitioned, he started up again full of enthusiasm and ultimately made it into the finals of what is probably the most famous Swiss casting show, “The Voice of Switzerland”.



Football and music – two hearts beating in one chest

So, what is Meo’s greatest passion? The answer is easy, music. In music, he can better express his personality and give free reign to his feelings. When he’s singing and making music, everything else fades into the background. But he also loves football. Meo started playing football for FC Wollishofen at the age of 7. When the time came to decide for an apprenticeship, he choose the sports apprenticeship offered by Generali – a commercial apprenticeship for which the curriculum comprises classroom learning combined with a strong athletics programme.



The Voice of Switzerland – international format for success

Meo had wanted to participate in a casting show for a long time. He dreamed of performing before a jury, competing with other contestants and taking his singing career to the next level. In late 2018 he saw the Instagram call to apply to “The Voice of Switzerland” and he grabbed his chance. It’s no secret that Meo was very successful. His lyrical voice, his ambition and the support of his celebrity coach Noah Veraguth (Pegasus) propelled Meo into the finals, where he delivered a brilliant performance of the song “Just the way you are” by Bruno Mars.


Another contestant was ultimately crowned the winner, but Meo was nonetheless very happy with the outcome and values the experiences he had participating in “The Voice of Switzerland”. The stage presence he had to cultivate in order to perform in front of such large audiences and all of Switzerland strengthened his self-confidence. He also got to know many other talented musicians, expanding his connections in the music business.



Following a dream is important – so is getting a good education

The time Meo spent during “The Voice of Switzerland” was very challenging and intense. Balancing music, football, family, friends and his education was no easy task. As Meo’s employer during his apprenticeship, Generali did whatever it could to be supportive – for instance, when he had to take time off at short notice. Many of his fellow employees also motivated and helped him along the way. Generali followed Meo’s journey on “The Voice of Switzerland” and let him know he had Generali’s support. Generali is very proud to have such a talented apprentice on board. It is very important to Generali to support its apprentices as best it can, because the best insurance in life is a good education.


The many opportunities and chances that Generali offers and the friendly working environment are things that Meo loves about the company. The atmosphere of mutual respect and appreciation, the focus on people and the collegiality among the staff make working at Generali really special.



What’s next for Meo?

Meo wants to keep developing his music. He’s working on composing and releasing his first single. “The Voice of Switzerland” grew his popularity, and he’s confident that one day he’ll be one of the big players in the industry. With the support of his family and friends, he will almost certainly succeed. Meo admits his shortcomings, such as being a little forgetful sometimes. Those who know him describe him as a likeable guy who always has a smile on his face.


Check out some of Meo’s performances