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The right way to protect yourself from storms and heavy wind

Time and again, violent storms sweep across Switzerland. With wind gusts of over 100 km/h, caution is advised. Find out about the best way to act in the event of a storm. And how to protect yourself, your loved ones and your belongings.

Stay informed

Prevention is also essential when it comes to storms. When the first gusts of wind are already sweeping through your garden at high speed, it’s too late to take precautions. The damage can be expensive. However, thanks to various storm warnings and weather reports, you can take preventive measures to keep storm damage to a minimum.



What to do in the event of a storm warning?

If you receive a storm warning, there is no time to lose. First of all, get your children and animals indoors. You can find out how to protect your house, car and garden from possible storm damage here:


How to protect your house against storm damage

  • Pull up all blinds and awnings.
  • Close all doors, windows and shutters.


How to protect your car against storm damage

  • Store your vehicle in the garage or park it under a shelter. Never park your car under a tree. Falling branches may severely damage your vehicle.


How to protect your garden against storm damage

  • Secure all loose objects such as trampolines and sunshades.
  • Also, tie up your garden furniture well.
  • Put bicycles in your garage or cellar.
  • Remove your potted plants off the balcony and bring those in the garden inside.



The right way to act during a storm

The top priority in the event of a storm is always your safety and that of your loved ones. Take shelter inside a building and do not go outside again until the storm has passed. If your house is surrounded by tall trees, do not stay in the attic. Especially important: do not start cleaning up until the storm has passed.



Be careful when driving

If you are in a car, reduce your speed and increase the safe distance between yourself and other vehicles. Be especially careful on bridges. A strong crosswind may suddenly develop. You should also avoid driving on forest roads, as falling branches may pose a great danger.


If you are travelling with a trailer, stop immediately. Wait at the roadside for the storm to end.


Generali tip: If damage has occurred despite all precautionary measures, report it immediately to your motor, household or building insurance company and ask them to explain how to proceed. Depending on the extent of the damage, an assessment by a claims inspector may take place. Be sure to take photographs of the damage before cleaning up. And create a list of the damaged items.