Music-loving children between the ages of 6 and 12 can look forward to an interactive programme for young talent in 2020.

Dec 17, 2019.

Generali Switzerland, Bligg and the Swiss Music Awards – three heavyweights committed to young Swiss music talent

Children’s greatest dreams often begin with a song. But just as often, they stay stuck in recorders or get entangled in the strings of mistreated violins. To ensure that this happens less frequently in the future, Generali Switzerland, Bligg and the Swiss Music Awards have come together to develop an exciting programme. 


How do you fulfil your dream of a great music career? What does it take to have a number-one hit? How does it feel to be on stage in front of thousands of fans? And how do you make sure that all this is not just a childhood dream, but eventually becomes reality?


Generali Switzerland, Bligg and the Swiss Music Awards (SMA) give concrete answers to all these questions. Together, they have developed an exciting music education programme for children from ages 6 to 12.

In one-day workshops, children are given easy access to a wide variety of instruments, exclusive jam sessions and personal encounters with other musicians and stars. On the one hand, the aim is to lay a foundation for the children’s musical development while also motivating them to hold fast to their dreams and ideas and to keep pursuing them.


The programme is of course also open to children who would not be able to attend the workshops due to financial or family circumstances. This is an aspect that is very important to Bligg: “Music meant everything to me as a child. But at the time we had neither the means nor the opportunity to be musically trained. So I know how vital it is to give children early inspiration on their creative journey.”   


The global joint initiative of the Generali Group, The Human Safety Net foundation, and Save the Children therefore invite children from less privileged areas of society to participate in the workshops. Consequently, the project is also aimed at helping to promote our similarities and celebrating the things that unite us through music. And who knows, maybe the kids will soon deliver a brilliant performance on the big stage alongside their idols.


Bligg says: “Music was and still is a compass that has guided my life. It is not just my job, it has taught me many important lessons: faith in your own vision, courage for self-expression and perseverance. I am convinced a lot of music lies dormant in every child. We want to awaken it and not only give the kids a great musical time, but also facilitate an important, perhaps seminal life experience. "


Marc Gobeli, managing director of the SMA, is enthusiastic about the cooperation with Bligg and SMA’s main partner Generali: “The Swiss Music Awards have always been committed to promoting talent – and this starts with the next generation. Who knows, maybe this will set the course for SMA winners of the future.”


Mike Fuhrmann, CMO and member of the Executive Board of Generali Switzerland, also welcomes the collaboration: “We became very active in the area of music this year and this partnership with the SMA is a perfect addition. As an insurance company, we are committed to serving customers in all life circumstances and situations with the motto: “We insure the real life.” We are aware that real life is not always perfect. Children in particular often do not have the opportunity to reveal their musical talents. With this partnership, we want to help children discover their talents and find the motivation to grow them.”



The one-day workshops will take place in Berne, Lausanne, Basel, Zurich and Lucerne in 2020. You can find more information here.