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Payment of deductible for rental vehicles – the supplementary module for rental vehicle insurance

No deductible payable for rental vehicles, rental bikes or rented motorhomes

Have you taken out rental vehicle insurance with the car rental company? If so, you will have to pay the often high deductible in the event of a claim. The same applies to insurance for your rental bike or travel insurance for your motorhome. We pay the deductible for you - regardless of whether you rent a car, boat or motorbike.


  • Payment of the deductible as part of the rental vehicle insurance – anywhere in the world
  • Rental vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes: cover for cars, motorhomes, watercraft, motorcycles, bikes and e-bikes
  • Supplementary module: can be combined with a basic module

What is covered

We cover your deductible in the event of claims caused by:

  • Damage due to collision, vandalism or natural events such as flooding, storms or falling stones
  • Theft of the rental vehicle



Practical example

You hire a motorboat on Lake Neuchâtel but damage the hull of the boat.


What does the supplementary rental vehicle insurance cover?

We cover the deductible agreed in the hire agreement.



  • Deductible for damage to boat: CHF 500


Costs if you don’t have insurance

Total costs for you: CHF 500

Estimated costs per person

Costs with insurance

Premium for payment of deductible for rental vehicles: CHF 37.20

Family insurance for 1 year


Further coverage

Would you be interested in other coverage? In addition to the module “Payment of deductible for rental vehicles”, we offer the following modules:

Basic modules

Supplementary modules



If you rent a vehicle in Switzerland or abroad, the rental vehicle contract often already includes rental vehicle insurance. This means you are covered for all types of damage. But for most of these insurances, you will have to pay a high deductible. This is where we help with our deductible insurance for rental cars and other rented vehicles such as bikes, boats or motorhomes.

If your rental vehicle – whether it’s a rental car or rental boat – is damaged or stolen during your rental, the rental car insurance of the rental company will usually pay. However, these insurances often have a high deductible that you have to pay. With the module “Payment of the deductible for rental vehicles”, you needn’t worry about the deductible – we will pay it for you.

You take out rental vehicle insurance directly with the car rental company. We don’t want you having to pay high deductible costs. So we offer you the supplementary “Payment of the deductible for rental vehicles” module as part of our travel insurance. To take out this supplementary insurance, you must select at least one basic module first. You can take out the insurance online or through one of our advisors.

We do not cover the deductible for liability claims or for vehicles from sharing agencies in Switzerland.