Protect your house and home – with household contents insurance

Nov 8, 2022.

Your cellar is full of water, your laptop has been stolen or someone drops a pan on your ceramic cooktop. With Generali’s household contents insurance, you are protected – at home and away.



Five good reasons to have household contents insurance 

  • Comprehensive benefits: whether you are a tenant or an owner, household contents insurance ensures you have protection and immediate help with damage of all kinds. We assist in emergencies, too, thanks to Home Assistance.
  • Always there: the experts in our agencies are always available for a consultation. If you need to make a claim, you can contact us via our claims hotline on 0848 800 400 (+41 58 472 00 00 from abroad) at any time of the day.  
  • Financial security: our household contents insurance means you are financially protected: it covers the entire value of the insured contents. Whether it's due to a flood in your cellar or a break-in, if you make a claim, some of your household effects – or even all of them, if you have suffered a total loss – will be replaced.
  • Peace of mind: enjoy your own four walls worry-free, thanks to our all-round comprehensive cover. We are there for you and will process your insurance claim within seven days.
  • Customisation: numerous supplementary modules allow you to tailor your insurance package to your individual needs. Alternatively, you can protect yourself with additional insurance products, such as our personal liability insurance.