By young people, for young people: pensions made easy

Oct 11, 2022.

Which topics relating to pensions are young people interested in? Generali apprentices learned about three topics relevant for them as part of the “Next Generali” project. What prompts debt collection? What are ETFs? And what are some easy ways to save money? The answers are presented in three short videos.

Debt and debt collection


What does a typical case of being in debt look like? And what prompts debt collection? To answer these and other questions, the apprentices conducted an interview with the debt advice office of the Canton of Zurich. You will find the answers in the first video.



Pensions and savings


What are some easy ways for me to save money? And how do our apprentices save up? Our apprentices answer these questions and more in the video on pensions and savings.



Investing and ETFs


What do young people think about investing? And what do ETFs have to do with a kebab? The third and final video in our video series answers these questions and more.