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Vehicle assistance – breakdown assistance when you’re abroad

Staying safe when abroad if you have a breakdown or an accident with your car, motorbike or bike

Are you travelling to Croatia by car or around Lake Constance by e-bike? Then you might want to take out travel insurance for your car or bike abroad. Because then you can continue your journey quickly if you get a flat tyre, have a collision or if your bike gets stolen. Are you travelling by motor home or motorbike? Then you can also get fast breakdown assistance abroad with our vehicle assistance insurance.


  • Breakdown assistance when abroad: help after collisions and damage caused by natural events
  • For vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes: car, motorhome, motorcycle, bike or e-bike
  • Assistance 24/7 anywhere in Switzerland and Europe-wide
  • Basic module: the vehicle assistance insurance can be taken out individually without any other modules

What is covered


Incidents caused by:

  • Collision, accident, theft
  • Natural events like flooding, storms or falling stones
  • Wrong fuel
  • Flat tyre, key failure
  • Fire and vandalism



Practical example

You want to travel from your home in Geneva to Madrid with your own vehicle. You have a breakdown on the road near the city of Montpellier.


What does the vehicle assistance cover?

We arrange and sort out the breakdown assistance abroad. Because the repair will take more than two days, we offer you the following options:

  • You continue your journey. We arrange and pay for a new means of transport to Madrid.
  • You wait in Montpellier for the repairs to be completed. We arrange and pay for accommodation for you there.


We also pay parking costs that result from your vehicle breaking down.



  • Accommodation in Montpellier for 3 nights: CHF 450
  • Parking costs: CHF 80


Costs if you don’t have insurance

Total costs for you: CHF 530

Estimated costs per person

Costs with insurance

Premium for vehicle assistance: CHF 87.80

Family insurance for 1 year


Further coverage

Would you be interested in other coverage? In addition to the vehicle assistance, we offer the following modules:

Basic modules

Supplementary modules



As well as breakdown assistance, vehicle assistance also covers your stay or onward/return journey if you have to wait for your vehicle to be repaired.

Breakdown assistance benefits abroad are similar to those in Switzerland. The benefits particularly differ in terms of how long they apply. When you are abroad, we also pay the costs for expert reports and for the dispatch of replacement parts. 

We do not cover costs as a result of you driving on roads that are illegal or unsuitable. Nor do we cover costs for repairs or replacement parts.