Emilia’s heartfelt desire: a special armchair

Good music for a good cause. With our SMA Kids by Generali ft. Bligg song called “Narbe” (Scar), we’ve fulfilled a heartfelt desire, such as Emilia’s.

Emilia has a developmental disability and very pronounced hypotonia. This means that Emilia’s movements are very restricted as they use up a lot of energy and take a lot of effort. Furthermore, she is very sensitive and quickly notices when her single mother isn’t doing too well. Despite lots of help from the grandparents, her mother is often overwhelmed and due to the coronavirus pandemic, the situation has become even worse.


Despite everything, Emilia is a happy child and has more than earned a heartfelt desire. She really wants a special armchair, as this would allow her to sit in different positions, and due to the low centre of gravity, she would be able to sit in a more stable and secure position, and it would also help alleviate her pain. Although her mum saves what she can, she can’t afford an armchair like this.

Emilia’s heartfelt desire has been fulfilled thanks to donations!


Thanks to proceeds from our “SMA Kids by Generali ft. Bligg” song called “Narbe” (Scar), Emilia has received her special armchair. The total cost was CHF 1,280.

Lots of good deeds lead to something great – they put smiles on children’s faces and give boundless joy. On behalf of Emilia, the Human Safety Net Switzerland, Generali Switzerland and Petite Suisse would like to say: thank you very much!


Do you want to support more heartfelt desires? Then help out by downloading our song. You can find more information at: www.generali.ch/ song.