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Your Generali ChatGPT Assistant

Welcome to Chatty, your personal ChatGPT assistant! We want to offer you the best possible service, which is why we’ve developed Chatty. Chatty is a powerful chatbot solution based on Enterprise Bot’s patent-pending DocBrain technology and GPT-3.5 technology. It is designed to answer your questions and optimise your insurance experience. We’re excited to show you how Chatty can help you.

What is CHATTY?

Chatty is an advanced chatbot designed to make your interaction with our insurance website seamless and efficient. Our technology is based on the advanced GPT-3.5 platform, one of the leading AI technologies worldwide. Chatty specializes in providing accurate and helpful answers to your questions, 24/7.


Using Chatty couldn't be simpler:


  1. Click on the chat window at the bottom right of the page (currently available on select pages of our website).
  2. Enter your question.
  3. Chatty processes your request in real-time and promptly provides you with a precise answer.
  4. If needed, Chatty will direct you to relevant information or forms on our website.
  5. If your question is not satisfactorily answered, you have the option to chat directly with a human customer advisor during our opening hours.


Chatty can perform a variety of tasks, including:

  • answering general questions about our services.
  • answering to simple questions about insurance products;
  • directing you to forms and useful information on our website;
  • storing the context of your enquiries and taking it into account for follow-up questions (if you want to change the context of your enquiry, we recommend closing the chatbot and starting a new session);
  • and lots more.


Chatty adapts to your needs.

We know chatbots aren’t perfect. Chatty strives to be accurate and reliable, but errors may occasionally occur. This means Chatty might misunderstand enquiries or give incorrect answers.


Our team is continuously working on improving Chatty and would welcome your feedback. If you notice an error or have a question that Chatty can’t answer, please let us know. Our customer support will be happy to help you.


Use of Chatty is at your own risk. Especially in the case of individual or personal questions about insurance services or cover, we recommend that you contact Generali or our agencies directly.



Customer SUPPORT

Your satisfaction is our top priority. If you would prefer to speak to a real person or your enquiry is more specific, our insurance experts will be happy to help. You can reach us on 0800 881 882 or by sending an e-mail to



We invite you to give Chatty a try. Click on the chat window and ask your questions. We look forward to helping you and meeting your insurance needs. Thank you for choosing our services!


Questions & Answers

Chatty is an artificial intelligence chatbot based on Enterprise Bot’s DocBrain technology and OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology. The ChatGPT technology is built on large language models and can understand texts and generate responses.

Chatty, our new chat assistant, uses the language capabilities of ChatGPT and draws on content from our website. When you ask Chatty a question, the AI searches for the relevant information on our website and formulates an answer.

Chatty’s knowledge of Generali is limited to the content on our website. Although Chatty answers many questions correctly, it may occasionally give incorrect answers or inaccurate wording. Chatty can’t answer questions about individual insurance policies because it doesn’t have any information about individual policies.

Chatty’s answers are provided for guidance purposes only. They should not be seen as a substitute for speaking to one of our advisors in person. Please double-check the answers and don’t rely on them alone. Artificial intelligence is new to many of us and we have to learn how to use it and recognise its limitations.

When you use the interaction feature with a human customer advisor, your messages are transmitted securely and kept confidential. They are transmitted in encrypted form using HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) and stored in Switzerland in accordance with GDPR guidelines.

For the use of the ChatGPT functionality in the chatbot, the user requests are also sent to Microsoft Azure OpenAI interfaces in Europe and processed there. This data is transferred securely via HTTPS to Microsoft Azure and stored at Microsoft Azure Europe (Netherlands) for a maximum period of 30 days. User requests are not used to train the OpenAI language model.

Terms of use

Note on the use of the chat assistant:

Please be aware that the answers about Generali that you receive from our chat assistant are based on artificial intelligence and are taken exclusively from the texts on our website. Although we always strive to provide accurate and relevant information, the chat assistant may not be able to answer all queries correctly or completely.

For binding information and more specific enquiries, we recommend that you contact our staff directly. They can offer you individual and reliable answers to your questions.


Data processing and data protection

The protection and confidential processing of your data is important to us. When offering the chat assistant, we work with a chatbot (ChatGPT) that uses forms of NLP and deep learning. For it to give you the best answer, you need to enter data. For our customer service to contact you, we also need information such as your name, e-mail address and the specific enquiry. If you are already a Generali customer, we will need some additional information to identify you appropriately and verify the business relationship. When processing and entering data into the chatbot, the data is only processed for the purpose of responding to your enquiry. The chatbot does not use any additional cookies or tracking tools for personal identification.

During a live chat, you decide which data and information you would like to share and make available to us. This additional data will also only be processed for the purpose of responding to your enquiry or improving customer service.

The data you enter is transmitted securely and in encrypted form via HTTPS. No data (not even marginal data) is transmitted to countries outside Europe or stored there. When using the chat assistant, we work with contract processors who are able to process the data in accordance with our instructions and specifications, whether this is with Azure Open AI or Google Cloud.

Your data will be stored and archived by Generali for five years and then deleted, unless there is an additional legitimate reason for storing it for longer.

Furthermore, when using the chat assistant, please note our data protection provisions and our cookie policy ( By using the chat assistant, you agree to your data being processed.