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Cancellation insurance – travel cancellation insurance

No costs to pay if you cancel or postpone holidays or event tickets.

Looking forward to your holidays, and then your cat gets ill? Travel cancellation insurance allows you to postpone your trip. And you pay no cancellation costs. If you become ill, have an accident or experience other problems such as a vehicle breakdown, losing your job or having your passport stolen, you have no financial worries with cancellation insurance. This also applies to a visit to the football stadium or a family outing in Switzerland.


  • You won’t pay any cancellation costs if you can’t make it
  • Cancellation insurance also covers tickets for concerts and sporting events
  • Convenient: you don’t need to insure against cancellation costs each time via your travel operator
  • Basic module: cancellation insurance can be taken out individually without any other modules

What is covered

Travel cancellation insurance pays your cancellation costs for:

  • Illness, accident, missing person, death
  • Complications during pregnancy
  • Illness, accident or death of your pet
  • Loss of employment
  • Exceptional events, such as earthquakes, volcanic eruption, strike, etc.
  • Breakdown of means of transport
  • Theft of personal documents
  • Significant damage to your domicile



Practical example

You book a five-day stay in Barcelona with a friend. On the way to the airport, your car is damaged in an accident and you cannot continue your journey. You and your friend miss the flight.


What does cancellation insurance cover?

We arrange and pay for the ticket for the next flight and reimburse the unused part of the stay. For example: hotel accommodation and tickets for a football match you booked but could not attend.



  • Rebooking tickets: CHF 100
  • Price difference for flight ticket: CHF 150
  • Hotel room not used: CHF 100
  • Entry tickets for football match: CHF 140


Costs if you don’t have insurance

Total costs for you: CHF 490

Estimated costs per person

Costs with insurance

Premium for cancellation cost: CHF 153.50

Family insurance for 1 year


Further coverage

Would you be interested in other coverage? As well as travel cancellation insurance, we offer the following modules:

Basic modules

Supplementary modules



Generally, travel cancellation insurance is always worthwhile if you travel a lot – whether abroad or in Switzerland. Cancellation insurance is particularly useful if you go on one or more expensive trips a year. Depending on the provider, you could otherwise end up paying the cancellation costs. But you can also benefit from cancellation cover if you regularly attend concerts or football matches in Switzerland: tickets for events are also covered.


Make sure that you take out the travel cancellation insurance before the insured event occurs. If you do not do this, the trip will not be insured.

You decide whether to take out an individual or family insurance policy. An individual insurance will cover you plus minor children not living with you in the same household. A family insurance policy will cover all persons living with you in the same household. Minor children as well as children up to the age of 25 who do not live with in the same household are also covered.

Yes, coronavirus is an illness, so it is covered like any other illness. This also applies to all other illnesses caused by a pandemic or epidemic. We cover cancellation costs, but only if you were fit to travel when you booked the trip.

If you cannot or are unwilling to travel because the entry requirements at your destination have changed, we will not pay any cancellation costs. No other costs are covered in this scenario either.

Cancellations and changes to your trip by the tour operator are not covered by our cancellation insurance. Neither do we cover any costs associated with staying in your own holiday home. Changes made to entry requirements of destinations are also not covered by our travel cancellation insurance.