Dec 14, 2023.

If you are ill or have had an accident, social insurance covers the financial consequences. Unfortunately, legal disputes often arise in such cases when benefit claims are rejected. Peter Fuchs, a lawyer at Fortuna Legal Protection Insurance and expert in social insurance law, explains why legal protection insurance is important in this area.

Peter, what all does social insurance include?


In a nutshell, it includes any insurance policy that provides people and their families with protection against social risks, whose financial consequences they are unable to manage on their own. We’re all aware of the most important ones: social insurance includes both accident, health and disability insurance, as well as retirement provision in the form of AHV and pension funds. 


Why are you so interested in social insurance law?


I’m fascinated by social insurance law because it takes account of individual needs at various stages of life. The intricacy of social insurance law is reflected in the comprehensive coverage of risks that can arise during our lifetime. Despite the complexity of this branch of law, I’m able to support people in difficult times.


Are there any particular cases that stand out in your memory?


I mainly recall unusual accidents or events that made headlines. But I also often encounter tragedies that stay with me for a long time. My best memories are always those when the people affected get what they are entitled to following social insurance disputes. 


How often do social insurance law cases result in a legal dispute?


Legal disputes often arise. These frequently occur due to differing opinions regarding eligibility, the scope of benefits or the rejection of benefit claims, especially in complex cases. If social insurance rejects a claim, we analyse the next steps together with the insured person and try to achieve the best outcome.


Why is it important to have legal protection insurance in this area?


If someone has a long-term illness or has had an accident, they often lack the strength and money to fight for their rights. In such cases, their legal protection insurance provides expertise or commissions an external law firm. The insurance company covers the costs. The extensive network of specialised law firms that Fortuna Legal Protection Insurance cooperates with shouldn’t be underestimated. The premiums are low in relation to the level of cover.


How can problems with social insurance be prevented?


When an event occurs, I think it’s useful to regard medical professionals, social insurance staff and other third parties as partners who act in good faith. Any questions and grey areas can be discussed with social insurance staff. I also advise those affected to focus on their own personal development at an early stage and not to simply rely on daily allowances


“If you have a long-term illness or have had an accident, you lack the strength and money to fight for your rights.”


Peter Fuchs, Social Insurance Expert, Fortuna Legal Protection Insurance

Lawyer Peter Fuchs is a qualified Social Insurance Expert at Fortuna Legal Protection Insurance and has worked in the insurance industry for over 20 years. At Fortuna Legal Protection Insurance, he deals with cases related to employment and social insurance law. 


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