Invest in the future now: four top companies in the field of energy and climate protection

Jun 15, 2021.

Our sustainable investment plan Tomorrow Invest lets you invest your money in companies that have made it through our three-stage selection process and achieved top ratings for sustainability. In addition, they all focus on specific future-relevant issues. The four companies in this article are among the front runners in the key sector “energy & climate change” and form part of our sustainable investment fund.



Belimo Holding

Belimo Holding develops devices for better, more efficient control of HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) technology. The Zurich-based company is an international leader in this field, and its strategies and operations are fully aligned with the UN Global Compact. Among other things, this means that it complies with environmental protection laws at all levels, that it uses resources sparingly and demands the same of its employees and suppliers, and that it develops innovative products and continuously works to make its processes even more environmentally friendly.


Significant savings: The devices developed by Belimo Holding save 24 times more CO2 than they use. Collectively, all of the devices sold by the company saved 7.3 million tonnes of CO2 in 2020 – almost the same amount of CO2 generated in a year by all the people in Switzerland’s most populous canton, Zurich.




Landis+Gyr is a global leader in the field of energy management. The Swiss company supports 3,500 companies worldwide with innovative energy supply solutions. It focuses mainly on following future-relevant like smart metering (measuring and sharing electricity data), grid edge intelligence (supporting transition in energy production and consumption) and smart infrastructure (intelligently combining buildings and systems). Landis+Gyr continuously strives to make its operations even more sustainable and environmentally friendly, as well as integrating renewable energy into its technologies.


Landis+Gyr has won several awards for its efforts: It was named “Global AMI Company of the Year” by the international market analyst Frost & Sullivan for its innovations in 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. It was also awarded the Gold medal in the EcoVadis Sustainability Ratings, putting it in the top 5% of all companies.




Based in the canton of Zug, SIKA is active in the construction and manufacturing industries. The company specialises in reinforcing, bonding and protection solutions for load-bearing structures, for automotive suppliers, solar plants and other customers. When it comes to sustainability, SIKA is pointing the way forward in the industry. Its entire range of products is compliant with the leading environmental standards. The company is also making increasing use of renewable resources, as well as continuously improving its production processes to reduce its environmental footprint.


Just one of many examples: SIKA has developed a ground-breaking method for recycling old concrete, which for the first time enables the waste constituents to be completely reused. Each year, around 300 million tonnes of old concrete is generated in Europe’s five biggest countries alone. With complete recycling of the waste materials, up to 15 million tonnes of CO2 emissions can be avoided – slightly more than all the motorised vehicles in Switzerland emit together in a year. 



Vestas Wind Systems A/S

Vestas Wind Systems A/S is one of the world’s biggest providers of wind energy systems. In addition to developing turbines, the Danish company builds, repairs and operates entire plants both onshore and offshore. In these times of climate change, Vestas has aligned its activities even more closely with the ESG sustainability goals (environmental, social, governance). Vestas Wind Systems wants to become the number one in modern energy production. This will include obtaining all of its electricity from renewable sources in the long term. But these are not the only ambitious targets that the company has set itself: it is also aiming to become carbon-neutral by 2030, and to achieve zero waste from wind turbines by 2040.


An impressive statistic: to date, all of Vestas installed systems have together prevented 1.3 billion tonnes of CO2 emissions A CO2-neutral Switzerland would need 37 years to save the same amount.

Selecting the companies for

As well as companies that focus on energy and climate change, Tomorrow Invest also includes ones that make a commitment to sustainability in areas that are important to the economy or society, such as data security or demographic change.


Starting with a global list of exchange-listed companies, we select the ones that match our standards and values. This is based on the following criteria:

  • Key sectors: We only invest in pioneering key sectors. At present, these are “energy & climate change”, “changing demographics”, and “digital transformation & cyber security”.
  • Sustainability: All companies are reviewed by Sustainalytics, one of the world’s leading ratings agencies. We only invest in companies that can prove their commitment to sustainability.
  • Composition: Our investment experts ensure an optimal mix of your investment plan, with a focus on Swiss companies.


Once a company has successfully made it through this three-stage selection process, it can be considered for inclusion in our sustainable investment plan.