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Event third-party liability insurance


Whether you are holding an open day, a street party or an open-air concert, as the organiser of a commercial event, you need to be sure that you are comprehensively protected if something goes wrong. With event liability insurance, available to take out online, nothing will stand in the way of a great event.

Generali event liability insurance


Straightforward, flexible and affordable

As an event organiser, you bear a great deal of responsibility. Generali event liability insurance keeps you on the safe side, protecting you against claims in the event of personal injuries or damage to property. As each event is different, our insurance is modular. You can easily supplement the basic insurance with the particular modules you need. Taking out your insurance online is very simple. And you get great value for money.


What is insured?

Generali event liability insurance gives you valuable liability cover for your event. It insures against third-party claims in the event of personal injury or damage to property – no matter whether these occur during the event itself or while setting up or clearing up.


What add-ons are available?

Generali event liability insurance has a modular structure. This means that you can take out the precise additional cover you need for your particular event:

  • Temporary stands
  • Temporary standing terraces
  • Festival pavilions and tents/marquees
  • Refreshment stands


These additional forms of cover insure against attendees’ claims for damages in the event of personal injury or damage to property.

Your benefits

  • Easy to take out online for specific events for up to four days (our experts will be happy to advise you regarding longer events)
  • No annual premium
  • Modular structure with your choice of additional forms of cover
  • Set-up and clear-up periods are automatically covered at no extra cost
  • Excellent value for money

How event liability insurance works


Practical example

The Velasol sailing club is organising a lakeside summer party with a bar and a small open-air stage. Around 400 people are expected. Preparations are in full swing and carry on until just before the event starts. Visitors are flocking in, the mood is exuberant and the band is rocking on stage. And that’s where it happens: part of the stage structure comes loose and crashes with full force into the first rows of spectators. Two people with moderate injuries have to be taken to hospital. Velasol bears the responsibility for this. However, its event liability insurance means it is covered financially. Generali pays out the high claims for damages by both victims.


For clubs and associations:

  • without commercial liability insurance that organise events which are attended by their members and others, such as relatives of members and other guests.


For individuals:

  • who organise events and whose personal liability insurance does not cover commercial events.
  • who organise an event with other people. If you organise an event with someone else, damage to property and personal injury to third parties are no longer covered by your personal liability insurance.

Generali is the only insurance company to enable you to take this insurance out simply and conveniently online, at excellent value for money. Your precise premium is based on the individual modules that you pick. It takes just a few clicks for our online premium calculator to work out your premium – it’s a doddle.


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